Thursday, 2 March 2017

Is homophobia wrong?

Very deep question, and not an easy question to answer either. 

Yesterday, I got attacked by my friend Philippa who was in Starbucks and got told to come and join them. I also got my coffee free thanks for using your phone. Cherry invented this game where you put your phones in the middle of the table if you touch it you either pay the next round of drinks or get someone a drink. I was the lucky person who got my drink paid for. Result! They were eight of us in total doing table talk, where you get a question. And one of those questions, was "Is homophobia wrong?"

This got me thinking. 

Let's go back in time. We were sexitst, at one point a women couldn't vote only a Man. In fact a Woman was not even entitled to a opinion! We were racist, at one point you couldn't marry another race. There were two separate of everything one for 'Whites' and one for 'Black'. Now our society has changed for the better. Though are we less judgemental individuals?

The definition of homophobia is where you hold a prejudice view against homosexual people. So you don't think a Male should be in relationship with another Male, nor Female be with another Female.

Maybe these facts would scare you, 1 in 5 LGB people have experienced a homophobic hate crime or incident in the last three years, yet just 1 in 4 reported them to the police. (Stonewall 2008).  LGB people are twice as likely as heterosexual people to have suicidal thoughts or to make suicide attempts. 

Back to the question, everyone is entitled to an opinion. So you might not agree that with LGBT though that doesn't mean you should treat them any different as you would to towards heterosexual people. I don't think homophobia is 'OK' or 'not OK'. It just is! A homophobic is acting on their feelings towards homosexuals in a discriminative or harmful ways, is definnielty not OK.

It's been said that homosexuality has become so embedded in modern society that if one disagrees with it, they run the risk of being labelled homophobic or intolerant. That's something i've often hear, but it's a little unfair. Again everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even if you disagree with person still hear them out. Remember the phrase, agree to disagree?

Some homophobic behaviour is as if homosexuals are less than human. And that's really revolting. That's the kind of attitde that let the Nazies exterminted homosexuals among with the Jews in WW11. I'm committed to stamping out that attitude, as much as i'm able.

Secondly, being a Christian is not about being "good". It's about being forgiven. Paul says in the book of Colossians, that God has "rescued from the dominion of darkness and brought into the kingdom of his beloved son, in whom we have redemption, (that is) the forgiveness of sins" (Colossians 1:13-14)

As a Christian should you tell your friends that LGBT is wrong and a sin? Or should you show love to you friends the way Christ taught us to love? I always use this statement "What would Jesus do? (WWJD)" Is Jesus about harming people? Or  is Jesus about giving love, and just accepting who you are. I know what type of Jesus I would like to follow! 

What do you think, is homophobia wrong?


  1. I'm good at attacking people. Especially those who I know! Cherry has had good idea in the past. I liked it when you put phones in the middle as its 'out of sight, out of mind' though the one where you use your phone and buy someone a drink is a good one. You made great comments yesterday, that people are just people. They are allowed to be prejudice as everyone has prejudiced views one way or another. Though it's not OK to act on this. I respect everyone's opinions unless your opinion disrespects someone's entire existence and identity, which is what homophobia is. It's not an "opinion," it's prejudice and it's harmful. Though a wonderful post, full of facts. Philippa

    1. Thanks Philippa, is it always a Wednesday that you meet up in Starbuck to do table talk? As I really enjoyed it, I totally agree with your point about being disrespectful towards homosexual people is not an opinion.