Sunday, 4 June 2017

Monthly musings: May

Before you start reading, grab a cuppa because it's going to be a l--o--n--g catch up.

Panorama of the main attractions by the quayside (millennium bridge, Baltic, Sage, River tyne and the River Tyne bridge)

However difficult like may seem, there is something you can do and succeed at. 

A month where I re-read books and one them just happened to be 'Theory of everything' and the quote I shared with you is from Stephen Hawking. That quote really spoke to me this month, when everything started crumbling down with my mental health things looked uncertain for my future. I year since my relative passed away. Missing my awesome friends who knows how to deal with me when upset.

I have had such a long reading slump it wasn't until recently where I can enjoy reading again maybe to much. I got on a bus to go home and read my book as I normally would do only finding myself back into town again and I'm sure I have left Newcastle, checked my phone to make sure I'm not going crazy. For once, I wasn't going crazy I have managed to read my book on a bus when it made the trip to Walbottle and back to town again.

Rodger (Teddy bear)  in different positions

At college, i'm doing my last project which is a project where I get to decide what to do and which bit of digital design I would like to do. No brainer, I chose to do photography and it really made me pick up my phone or my camera and start taking pictures. The panorama is one of the things we had to and so was multiplicity (picture above). My parents were out,( I thought) they came in the living room at the worst time possible. I was putting Rodger in a position, used the TV speaker as a tripod with all the props I would like to use dotted around the living room. In the kitchen I made cups of tea but forget about them. If I get myself in a rut, I put a the kettle on and make a cup of tea. Impatience, Rebecca doesn't stand still so I would do other things while the kettle boiling they were three cups of tea in the kitchen at different stages. One of them was a full cup of tea just a matter of drinking it hot. One of them had the tea bag in and just needs removing though has milk. Whereas the last cup only had the tea bag and milk. I thought, I could get away with that. Though nope. So I now have to stay in the kitchen and w-a-i-t and w-a-i-t. I am also very good at forgetting I have made a hot drink so I tend to drink my hot beverage cold. Though you can get ice coffee and tea which does taste good though having made a hot drink in order to drink it hot though only finding yourself to drink it cold. Does not taste good. Though I drink it anyhow!

I wonder if  Roger can continue knitting my cardigan for me!

Speaking about knitting. Time to show you how much progress I made with help from Roger!

Back of my cardigan

Either a left or a right sleeve

I knitted a side pair last month andI the other side this month
Some weeks I had the joy of going to two knitting clubs in one week. One on a Tuesday and one on a Saturday. You can tell, i'm into this knitting. Can't you?

This month, I had more time on my hands.  I unfortunately had no weeks of running. Don't look at me like that! I had two weeks of because of annoying dreaded shin splints. I now know why, because I have flat feet and most of my shoes got no arch support. Trying to find shoes that has arch support is proving to be difficult than it seems. I then had another week because of an ear infection. I just have a week to get to grips with running and at the end of the week I have Blaydon race. How bad can I be?

Finally my Dad a full weekend off! Which meant a family day out all three of us. Something that is unheard of as normally my Mum and Dad go out, I stay at home and read books do knitting. Maybe a bit of cleaning. I could have my cheesy chips but there weren't any cheesy chips they were chips that were loaded with your desired filling. I chose mexican chicken with a side of cheese! We would walk, five thousand more. We then decided to go for a long walk from Whitley bay to Tynemouth or that is what my folks said. I didn't it was long though it was raining so we did walk at a brisk pace to go Tynemouth. I had a very nice hot chocolate, I was cold. And i'm fussy with my tea and I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine intake.


May means two exams. One at the beginning which was English. I think that one went ok. The actual exam wasn't to bad there were things that could potentially trip me up and I just hope the examiner could read my writing it's so tiny but very intricate. I then had another exam at the end of the month which was Maths. Another exam to go and then that should mean no longer doing Maths and English.

It was my birthday this month, I even had a present from the exam board though only had it for 1hr and 45 minutes. Yep the Maths Exam. The next Maths exam is on the 8th June which is the election.

Birthday presents

Some of these are from my money last year, though most of you won't get to see what I got from the money you gave me. As I tend to get a bus if we are having a day out though the weather is to warm to wear a jacket but to cold just to get away from wearing a jumper. I decided to get a gilet (bodywarmer). As most of cardigans are worn out I decided to treat myself to FatFace cardigan it was in the sale. And I got some more money, I'm hoping to get a pair of shoes with some arch support or a Superdry hoodie!

When I was in Farnborough and was working I got so bad at buying books. My friends had to hold my hands when walking pass book shops therefore, I cannot get any books. Such bad friends. (Thanks Cherry and Crazy Rachel) I only went to Waterstones to ask about book clubs as no one reads books up here. I was at Waterstones I could have a look at the books, doesn't mean I have to buy it. Right? Though I stumbled over a book called 'Holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven' I couldn't resist it especially as one of the character as 'prosopagnosia' (face blind). I only bought one book and not a handful. So least I made progress!

I told my parents not to get me anything as they got me plenty. They pay for my running races, got my bike fixed and cleaning products. Even my Dad cleaned my bike for me. But nope they decided to get something little, I got some body shop things like showel gel and a book which I told my parents about!

A picture that I didn't take

Again it's been a month where I wasn't sure where i'm going. Am I going to the world of work? Or stay at college for another two years even three? Or listen to my folks and see where apprenticeship might lead? Decisions, decisions.

I was confused on all the different options and unsure if I could get funded for college. I decided to speak to a careers advisor. Though I decided to apply for an apprenticeship as I had a three years of college and think I should start earning some money and start on the career leader. I had an interview at the end of May and got accepted for childcare apprenticeship which starts on the 7th August.

When I was in Crawcrook, I explored the different cafes around my local area. I'm doing the same thing though in town. I met up with my friend for a cup of tea at the Qulliams Brothers it has over 60 choice of tea. It is like you are entering a living room-some areas in the cafe you sit on the cushions it's so comfy and it the cafe even serves carrot cake. It was a difficult choice to decide on a pot of tea to have and what cake to have. It has loads of flapjack. I am eager to go again.

There was an open day event at my college for childcare. I had about an hour to get something to eat for dinner as I had knitting club. So that meant one and only place. Mcdonald's. I'm in no rush to go again, next time I will go to Five guys. See i'm not all that posh!!!!!!!!

That's my tea and cake sorted out!

Oh and no! I didn't ate the whole lot!! I had a holiday and was bored on one day so I decided to bake a cake.  It was so sweet and so glad I got some clotted cream. Though I had a problem Mum and Dad aren't big cakes eaters. Not like me! I had no friends where I normally give them cake if I have too much. I decided to give 3/4 of it to my church,  that way it cannot get to waste and other people might enjoy it better. I found it nice but I could only have a slither as it was far to sweet. I will stick to cake with fruit or vegetable as it takes away the sweetness away plus it counts towards one of your 1 of you five a day. Or is seven now?