Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How would the angel tell Mary about the good news?

How do young people nowadays contact each other? Yes, I know I am young adult though I am very old fashioned I much prefer writing a letter to my dearest friends and relatives.

Mrs Troublefield, asked Mr Dunwoody "Who is Joseph and Mary." He responded, "Joseph and Mary are two young people who were promised to each other, but not yet married. This means that Mary was still living with her parents. They were unimportant people, known only to their relatives and friends."

What comes to you mind when you think of an angel? Maybe an image of a white-clad, young man. Well that is how angels traditional portrayed. Which explains why we find it difficult to imagine Mary and the Angel as anything other than two separate figures facing each other in a simply furnished room.

Mr Dunwoody want this story to be engaging for children and young people. So how would the angel talk to Mary? Well you can never see young person not holding that mobile phone? Look at those two girls in the coffee shop talking to each other by texting! Young people these days! No manners have they? Angel can phone Mary and tell her the good news that way? No, that is ridiculous. So the phone is out of question even text messages, what is that other thing young people use, how about Facebook. No! That won't work!

What other ways to contact people? Skype that's like seeing a person face to face, and most people have an account. You can speak to people from the other side of the world surely that would work. Won't it? What no it won't.

I think I got it, how about Instagram it. Surely that would be better than other ways as the young ones who pose silly faces of themselves surely Mary cannot resits opening her notification to see what it says. Though pulling a face won't be much help especially if the wind change as you will have that silly face forever unless the wind blows in the opposite direction.

Well technology does have it glitches so how about a telegram. What you never heard about them? You know the message send by telegraph and then delivered in writing form though they only used in the UK only for international messages since 1981. Elizabeth started working out what to put in the telegram and then give the draft for the Angel to read who began to read, "Hail Mary. Stop. Blessed art thou." Stop, that is no good.

Oh come on Rebecca, I should be able answer the most simply question. So the telegram won't work. I got it, no honestly I have. Is it not obvious? It's staring at you. Well looks like Gabriel we have to visit Mary in person after all. OK, in the original version, what did the Angel say. Let's see..........

OK, now for the serious bit. Miss Calaway asked a very good question, "What did the writers of the Gospels mean when they used the term 'angel;?" Now that is what I call a good question. Now please do give me a moment to think about this. Would you like a coffee or tea when I just think?

Right, here is my answer Miss Calaway. The term 'angel' were speaking of a message from God. It could come in a dream or a vision. However it appeared, it was powerful enough to shake the person to their foundations.; the person who received/saw the Angel/message was convinced they had received a message directly from God-it was, in fact, God-Given.

Luke 1 26-27 reads the following. 26 In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Mary.

Monday, 28 November 2016

The beginning

Mr Dunwoody, made me a do a project. Modernize the nativity story. Mr Dunwoody doesn't want to recite the Nativity scene as that is boring according to him he want to do something a bit different. Though not out of the ordinary, as the story is best as it is but want it more engaging so the the children understand it.

I know it sounds impossible, right. Though don't tell Mr Dunwoody that. Though I am writer so I should give it a go. You never know what might happen after drinking hot coco and a mince pie.

Yes, Mr Dunwoody, I understand the undated, modern version of the Nativity story. One the children can understand, in their words. Gotcha. Now when you say updated, do you mean set in modern times? In present day Bethlehem? Well, sir, I can't exactly picture Mary and Joseph toting around with magic wands...I'll see what I can do. Yes Mr. Dunwoody. I'm on it. Goodbyee

OK, let's see... a modern version of the nativity story... "Spice it up. Give it some ommph, some humor. Make it so children will enjoy and understand it!" How hard can it be? I watch it every year without fail. I have good imagination otherwise Mr Dunwoody wouldn't ask me to do it. I should be able to bring this story up to date. Add a little 21st Century into the mix. No problem. OK... Where should I start? Nativity. Hmmm

OK, Mary and the angel. Let's see, the first, the angel tells Mary she will have a baby. Now, in the original the angel visited her in person. How would he tell her today? Would he visit her in person or try another method? How about....

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas advent story calender

It's exciting time. Christmas is upon us. Is just me, though I am getting Christmas songs in my head. Already been playing some of the hymns on my mini keyboard. It's been ages since I played so I am very bad at playing them. But soon the magical Rebecca would be back.

I have been very busy this week though I still had time to do Advent story. It was after the young people evening event at my local church that I thought, I haven't been doing anything creative things this month just been getting through a day. So I thought, December is a time to reflect and think about Jesus. If everything else fails, at least put him in the center of Christmas. So I deiced to do some story telling. I thought If I get all them done, then I plan when to upload them and stick to it. How hard it can be? Staying up all night just to get them done, well not really, I haven't been sleeping very well so done them when I cannot sleep and counting sheep and shepherds.

There is a schedule thing where you can tell blogger to upload the post and time. I'm not good with technology which is very apparent in my story telling.

Though I thought you might want to know when I am uploading my story. Therefore, you are not constantly refreshing your browser or saying this "Oh Rebecca hasn't uploaded anything." By all means, I am not a daily blogger as we learnt last year.

So grab a hot coco and a mince pie and read this story.

I will be uploading the advent stories on these dates without fail.

Monday 28th November
Wednesday 30th November
Friday 2nd December
Sunday 4th December
Monday 5th December
Wednesday 7th December
Friday 9th December
Sunday 11th December
Monday 12th December
Wednesday 14th December
Friday 16th December
Sunday 18th December
Monday 19th December
Wednesday 21st December
Friday 23rd December
Sunday 25th December

See you tomorrow!

Time for celeration

Can we see time flying? I never have but that could be really interesting

What is time? Time can be about a moment, an occasion, an interval, a season, a measure, a schedule.... the list goes on. 'Time' becomes very precious to us when we are with family and friends, especially if don't see them often.

At Christmas we are grateful for that 'time' to pause reflect and be thankful for what faith means to us. There are a few sentences in the Bible that speak of 'time'. My two favoriute are 'a time to love' and a 'a time for peace'. God wants us to know that He loves and cares for us and that will never change.

Knowing that we are loved by our families, friends and God means so much to us, and this is where peace cab be found. And we all want peace: for our work, our families or simply in ourselves. Peace brings, harmony and freedom from strife, with 'time' to bring joy to our lives.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Advent writing again this year

Another year doing advent writing. Me! Think again.

Well I didn't actually write the other advent the hope is on the way series. Thank goodness I got nice friends who helped me out. Though I liked writing and it prepared me to actually celebrate Christmas. It made me ponder about things what it is we really really want to think about Christmas not the latest book (though that would be good). For many people, including me I think it's the time to think about Jesus Christ as a baby in a manger. While the birth of Christ is a special and miraculous event, it isn't the primary focus as I learned that the center of Christmas story is the Child of Christmas is God. See already got you thinking, haven't I?

I don't have to do those pesky assignments anymore, which I am glad about. Though I don't want to commit myself writing everyday during Advent. However, as Christmas is on a Sunday this year which means Advent is earliest as it can be, speaking about that, does that mean we get extra chocolate. NO!!!!!!!! You tell me, worth a try! So I thought I haven't been doing much thought and pondering recently. Maybe I should write a story during advent about Christmas. Though it won't be uploaded on a daily basis. Though it will start on this Sunday.

Advent starts this Sunday, I have five days to do some magic. I have no idea the plan and don't want to give it away. So if you want to read my thoughts then please feel free to stick around. If you want some structured readings then go over to Martha's blog

Watch this space, for some magic. You never know what might spark on here! Do you?

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mental health wisdom from Winnie the Pooh

Now this may seem like an odd title for a blog post, but bear with me (no pun intended, I promise.)

Despite it being nearly two decades since I've actually read Winnie the Pooh book (something I need to rectify), I've often found unexpected inspiration and affirmation from stumbling upon quotes from A.A. Milne books when browsing online. I also found find that a lot of the quotes can be great reference points for those who struggling with mental illness, but of course are not restricted to that demographic: they relate to the human experience in general.

Here are five of my favourite quotes from Winnie the Pooh books, along with what they mean to me:

"I don't feel very much like Pooh today," Said Pooh. "There there," said Piglet. "I'll bring you tea and honey until you do."

The exchange between Pooh and Piglet that everyone can go through a period of not feeling quite right-whether it be because a bad day or anxiety. But it also reminds us it's Okay to sometimes feel that way, and that it can be remedied. It's scary to wake up and suddenly not feel like yourself anymore, but by knowing that even Pooh has felt this way you can be sure you are not alone with it. Importantly it also highlights the facts that it's as necessary to be looked after when feeling mentally unwell as it is when one physically ill.

To me the quote also suggests that simple home comforts can often ground us and let us feel like 'us' again. Have you ever spend a day or evening somewhere, or found yourself doing something, that had left you with that niggling feeling of 'this isn't right for me'? And then maybe you've come home, still with that feeling of deflation, to then find your family waiting to greet you warmly-or you find you have a message from an old friend wanting to catch up? and then, just like that, you suddenly remember who you are again and those bleak feelings disappear? Well, this quote makes me think of that. It's a reminder that it's okay to be with people and surroundings that we're most comfortable with and that reflect our true nature, away from the pressure of feeling the need to be people we are not. It highlights the importance of good friends and family and wherever it is that we call home.

'By the time it came to the edge of the Forest, the stream had grown up, so that it was almost a river, and being grown-up, it did not run and jump and sparkle along as it used to do when it was younger, but moved more slowly. For it knew now where it was it going, and it said to itself, There is not hurry. We shall get there some day.'

I often struggle with high stress and anxiety, and usually when it's very unnecessary. I write down every passing thought in my notebook in case I forget small park of my daily routine, I have a constant nagging in the back of my head if I haven't responded to someone message and I walk to fast to fast even when I have no where I need to be. But this quote comforts me with the knowledge that with age comes a retrospective realisation. A realisation that all those times you've replied to an email the next day- or forgotten to buy milk on the way home, or were five minutes late for a lecture-ultimately none of that ended up mattering. Because everything turned out okay in the end. And that there will also come an acceptance and understanding that, but living your life in a slower pace and with lower urgency, things will be okay too.

That's my personal take, but more simply the quote also suggests that the buoyancy of childhood is replaced with a more structured temperament and lifestyle when one reaches adulthood. Not because of any loss, but due to the wisdom and understanding gained along the journey.

"What day is it?" Asked Pooh. "It's today," squeaked Piglet. "My favortire day," said Pooh."

This quote helped me a lot when I experienced anxiety last year and this year. As a result of this-as extreme as it may seem-I spend a lot of time getting severely anxious and down at the prospects of dying and simply about ad things that could potentially happen in the future. But this very simply exchange is a reminder to appreciate what we currently have, and to live in the moment. Pooh's favourite day is today, because it;s the only one that is actually happening! Whenever I read this I adopt Pooh's innocent approach to life, which holds no anxiety or apprehension about the future. And he right to think in such a way. After all the future hasn't happened yet: the present is the only thing that exists. And the ideal frame of mind is to actually live in the present, instead of constantly and anxiously trying to leap ahead.

'You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.'

Sometimes we isolate ourselves without even realising it, and this quote exemplifies that. Before you label yourself as being lonely and claim defeat always first make sure you're doing thing to actually combat that loneliness. I've often found myself upset about specific people contacting me, or sounding even feeling that no one at all is making the effort to reach out to me. But i'm also the type of person who refuses to contact people first. See the problem here? Someone has to make the first move. And it's very likely that the people you want to connect with are thinking the same about you not contacting them, or will at least be happy to connect once you give them the nudge by reaching out first. Friendships and relationships can't start or be maintained unless someone is willing to be the one to make the first move.

And whether or not you yourself are feeling isolated, it's likely that some other people you know are feeling that way. So if you don't already, then why not try reaching out to people you wouldn't normally think of reaching out to, or to someone who you think could need a friend? The result will likely be rewarding for both parties.

"Promise me you'll always remember; you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

I'm not sire if this a common belief in others, but I've never been able to consider myself brace. In fact, I often think to myself worriedly; I'd probably be a Hufflepuff, 'cause I sure as anything couldn't be a Gryffindor.' But despite these thoughts, many people I've known have called me 'brave' due to the fact I've faced facts a lot of struggles. And thought I always have shrug off being labelled as such, the truth of matter is that we are all brace. It's only that one normally doesn't realise how brave they are until faced with a difficult situation, in which being brace is the only option. Everyone of us has that in us. That is also true when it comes to strength, as the two go hand in hand. The quote also highlights that no matter what we look like on the outside-whether it be physically small, clinically anxious or physically ill-it's no representation of the vast inner strength we encompass. In fact, the weaker one may seem on the outside, the more strength is likely being put to use on the inside, due to them having to fight that much harder.

And this can also be said for being smart or funny or any other positive trait. Because at the end of the day, as humans, it's almost impossible for us to see ourselves as we really are. And the majority of us will unfortunately play down our positive attributes due to insecurities. The quote tells us that the people who see us how we really are, they are the ones who will think the highest of us.

This post I wasn't intending to write, the post I was trying to write was explaining why this week is hard for me though I just couldn't get words so I thought I would give myself a pet talk and thought you might want something to read. Ta ta for now. Surely you must get that reference.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Lots of cooking

This week ended up with a stack of washing up. Thank goodness I own a dishwasher though for some reason I didn't use I just end up making lots of mess and tidying it up.

I thought you might like the clean pile of washing up
I don't know why over a sudden I'm into a mood where I want to cook lots of things and even try something new. I had no friends or relatives over so no entertaining which means no cooking different things or cakes. The main problem was that my folks went away meaning I could to what I wanted to do within reason. Which means I can have carrots and ice cream for dinner! Though I didn't think it was a good meal to have so I decided to use my student cookbook that I got. Which means lots of washing up across the worktop. Though never mention that!

Welsh rarebit
I think the star of the menu this week was the welsh rarebit cheese on toast is my favoruite either for breakfast or lunch. It's quick and easy to make, and so delicious. After some research, it turns out Welsh Rarebit is a specialty recipe for cheese and toast (originally named Welsh rabbit, but probably had a name change to make it a bit more fitting since there's no rabbit in it) Who doesn't like cheese and toast?

Spicy risotto
My other problem is that I haven't been cooking for such a long time. So I flicked through the cookery book and looked at the lovey picture and found a something that I would like to rustle up in the kitchen, Which is the spicy risotto.

Sausage pie
Then I thought well I fancy doing something different but comforting. I decided to make a sausage pie. After all it was a Saturday which means all you want to do is find a recipe which you can eat with just a fork whilst curled up on the sofa and which a good film. Right?

Chocolate cupcakes brownies
Oh and earlier in the week I rustled up a half dozen chocolate brownies cupcakes, which were entirety necessary, I assure you. They used up the remains of some egg whites just perfectly. Plus I really have been craving brownies real ones you know the crispy outsides but insides they are so moist and with some fruit? As if you have fruit in the cakes they count 1 in 5 a day?

Pasta with spicy sausages
I had two sausages left over from Saturday well the other two out of the six went in my spaghetti for a lovely breakfast which kept me through right until my coffee and cake later on the day. So I thought make a spicy pasta with the left over sausages. Which was very yummy and meant that I could read a book while eating.

Misty vegetarian spicy soup and hereby dumplings
I thought before I turn into a sausage, I better cook something else than sausages. I thought about having a vegetarian dishes not because I am one. Just because it's something different. I fancied something warm as it was rather cold but want something to fill me up. I decided to do spicy soup and hereby dumplings. It was extremely spicy I though I picked up a measuring spoon of half teaspoon turns out while I was washing up a half tablespoon. Also don''t stir the soup too much or you will break up the dumplings.

Cauliflower and broccoli cheese
After all I am flexitarian, nope its not a made up word. It is where you or a vegetarian but have days where you like meat. So I cooked cauliflower and broccoli cheese and for some reason the cheese sauce just wasn't thickening. So I phoned for help and while on the phone it manged to thicken up.

Have a hot coco with a cake, it'll make you feel better if you are covering from a cold and if not still have hot coco and cake. And next month is December-it will be snowy. Yes it will. Won't it? Surely?

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Monthly Musings:October

Autumn is my favourite time of year. With all the lovely colours of the trees from green to these lovely orange and redish colour with a bit of colour. If I took this photo a bit earlier I could enter this photo in the elements competition. I like Autumn not only because of the lovely colour of nature  but that it is socially acceptable to decline to meet up with people as it is to cold and it is more inviting to stay at home with a nice hot coco and read a book.

I was thinking of not blogging until I am more settled in my house. Though it means my lovely friends and family and any other readers that read this blog (which I say hello to) wouldn't know what I have been up to. Unless you ask me, What did you get up to in October? An answer might be something like this, nothing much really had friends over and family this is a rather vague answer and this month been hectic right from the 1st.

Dad posing as the angle of the north

This month been full of seeing old friends and seeing my lovely family. I had my grandparents over for a flying weekend get to see some of Newcastle gems. Unfortunately I won't be telling you them I like Newcastle far too much without the tourists. Though I did get to see the Angel of the North. I had my boyfriend though not together because of the move though we are still very close together.

This is what you get when you have a friend (Hanna) take over the laptop. Mind the quality of this image!!!!

 I had a week back in South at a lovely time catching up with my close friends one of which is called Hanna some odd reason she wants a mention on this blog. Don't know why. As I put a mention on this blog as requested I better also mention Alex on here from my college course. I just can't resist to put this quote from Geoffrey Chaucer “Patience is a conquering virtue.”

Grandma and Seth deciding on what Caravan to have!
Had a lovely time with my mischievous Cousin Seth who is aged three. Had a morning out in playing soft play as the weather was to cold and wet to play in the play park. Does 18 count as child or an adult? Does that mean I am still OK to play in soft play or have a drink of coffee and watch my cousin playing? Hmmmm, I had a Latte and a cookie which we shared between us three. I also decided to play with my cousin in the soft play and had fun counting from 3-2-1 when I say the number 1 my cousin jumps off the step and into the balls pit though if you ask Seth what he did he will tell you "I jumped off and into the swimming pool." Trying to get a three year old to come out of soft play for lunch is bit of a nightmare. So I thought I will make it a game, who can see Mummy the first, it worked until the very end where Seth decided to come down so I made a deal with him, down we go we have to go upstairs and see Mummy then go. Finally it worked without tears.

Auntie Clare and Tired Seth
I had a lovely evening with my Auntie Clare, went to her house and helped my Auntie Clare and Uncle Stuart to get little, tired Seth to bed. Then Auntie Clare and I went to Farnborough to go to the pictures. I don't normally like Thrillers and never watched one I don't get enjoyment when reading so never watched one until this month when I watch Inferno which is about Robert following a trail of clues tied to Dante, the great medieval poet. When Langdon waked up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna a doctor he hopes will recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a virus that could wipe out half the world's population.

I had a good morning/afternoon with my friend Hanna which we had a shopping trip to Baskingstoke no books in hand. It had to happen someday.  Though I managed to get two designer clothing without even trying one jumper and one top from charity shops. Why spend a fortune when you might only wear once? When you can get something from charity shop that is designer for less and you doing your bit for charity.

Oh I do like to be by the sea side

My Grandma has a sister who lives in Bournemouth (where the picture above is taken). Which was a lovely afternoon. Granddad and I went out for a walk and left Grandma and her sister talk. When you are by the sea side there is two rules you have to abide to do 1) have fish n chips 2) have ice cream. You have to abide at least one of them. As we already had lunch we abide to number two. I shared my ice cream with Granddad and there is no such thing as too cold to have ice cream.

I had a lovely time with my friends which you can tell as I forget to take a picture. It was weird to pass the house that I lived in for over 10 years that is no longer my home. Though home is where the heart is. I met up with Tia and Lawrence and had a lovely hot coco (sorry for the mess I made Tia) then went out for lunch in local pub that I used to live then had a walk up to Crowthrone for a deserved coffee then it was time to go back to my grandparents.

Quote of the month

Auntie Clare: "Seth where did we go shopping, Seth?
Seth: "Tiddles" (Meaning Lidl)

What I am thankful for this month

  • Having lovely friends 
  • Been to the Dentist with clean dental health 
  • Having a garden though the weather is not right to be siting outside
BOO! Ha, gotcha. I can't believe it's the end of October. I just can't. I'm kind of sad as October is one of my favorite months. I must say though, i'm really looking forward to November, because then it is practically December which means CHRISTMAS, it's the best! Also, is it socially acceptable to start singing Christmas songs yet? PLEASE SAY IT IS!!!!!