Sunday, 29 May 2016

Monthly musings: May

God makes a way
When there seems to be no way,
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me.
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to his side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way.

Hi! Did you miss me? Sorry it's been a while since I posted on here. Been busy doing house work on top of getting swamped with assignments and exams. Well O.K. I can count the number of exams on one hand so I really shouldn't be moaning. Right? But who likes exams especially the IGCSE English and GCSE Maths. I know one of my friend got 12 exams. Well least we got the summer holidays on the horizon.

This month has been packed right from the beginning of May where my parents went house searching in Newcastle while I stayed at home doing assignments. Well I did had a night off and watch lots of videos. Can't be bad, can it?

My grandma

I also had a day out with my grandparents to hayling island. Which I'm so grateful. I had an excuse to get away from my college work for a day and spend time in the outdoors. Just mind the wind otherwise it would knock you off your two feet. While Grandma and I walked on the seafront Grandad had a bit of 'me time'. I am officially banned from throwing stones in the water especially next to my Grandma as we went to Hastings for holiday and I throw a stone and it flew right next to Grandma. Since I was by the sea side, I had another excuse to use my photography skills and tried to make a time lapse. Still need practice and some equipment maybe a tri-pod.

Fingers cross, it works

It's summer time!!

Then half way in May, Dad and I was suppose to cycle 30 miles. Sunday before the actual event I had a glitch, don't worry, I'm OK now. But I was really enjoying my cycle ride need to blow my nose, annoying hay fever and then something happen out of the blue. Though luckily I had my phone and was alight in terms of telling Dad how to use my phone. Oh and for dinner it was barbeque with my family before my grandparents are off to Germany for 8 weeks. So it was a good evening and I totally forget what happened earlier that day. Mum was a photographer that evening. I can get used to Mum taking photos of me just don't approve of Mum taking photos while I'm sleeping. Maybe I should have one eye open and the other eye close?

Since I was suppose to be cycling with Dad for British heart foundation. We all thought well we could either travel up there early in the morning and then come back home all on Sunday? Or we could make a weekend break away? So what did we do? Of course we had a weekend away. It was good fun, a lot of reading and admiring the lovely view we had at the cottage. Two evenings in a row we went out for dinner. Friday we drove up, and stopped at Cotswold shopping centre to get me some walking shoes or trainers since I keep walking mine out. Well least's you know I walk a lot! After we unpacked we went down to town for a rewarding drink and look for something tasty for dinner. Saturday we did some shopping really didn't do much because my Dad needs his energy for Sunday. Then Sunday came round quickly, it was only like yesterday that it was January where Dad and I trained. Gosh that was cold and gloves was needed and coats and jumpers now it is shorts and t-shirts.

The event that my Dad participated in went really well. Dad truly enjoyed it. It could just be a new chapter of his bike journey. On the other hand,  I was really annoyed at myself for not getting out of bed earlier enough and hop on my bike and starting training for this 30 mile challenge. But then if I had my bike I would find it really hard as there is about two miles of incline. I can't even do the Crowthorne hill never mind two miles of it. So it was good for me not taking part. Though I must say, this is the start of my new bike chapter as I am more determined to complete my bike challenge. I even suggested it to my friend. Hoping to do a free London ride even though I have no idea how many miles I would be doing never mind how to get there or back or even stay. Though for the time being, you can admire my Dad in his achievement. Way to go Dad!

Then Monday came around and time to get home and get stuck in with college work. I actually managed to get a break from college work and it was a deserving break.

There was a brief period in mid May where I felt like I knew what I was doing and I had a goal to work towards. Needless to say, it didn't last long. Though I have decided to change course and do photography. Don't worry I haven't wasted this year doing level three health and social care because I gained an extra 1.5 A level, well equivalent. You could even admire more fantastic photos then you see now and again.

Then during the week we do some work in the house or wherever there is clutter. One Tuesday evening, Dad and I decluttered the garage before you couldn't walk from the back to the front of the garage without tripping over or step over. I'm glad to say you can now walk the full length without stepping over things and tripping over. What a result? Cleaning is our regular winding down activity it used to be watching TV. Some nights it is though.

What a view!!

It's been a month where I reflect on my Christian life. I noticed I read the bible but haven't followed any routine just been reading bits of the bible which sounds interesting. I tell you something that I learned while I read Numbers 20:1-13. I had such a mountain to climb over the past two months about changing course. Is it really a good decision? Am I making a good decision to move all the way up to Newcastle? What happens if it's not? Is they are net that can catch me if something goes wrong? So when reading this verse, it didn't make any sense. Until I really mediate on it. What it is really saying, Rebekah? Well my answer, God won't ever give you something that you are not ready for. If you aren't he will give you the skills to be able the climb over the mountain whether it's drinking water or just motivation by your side. I want to get more if an insight in the bible. Look onto Google for a nice plan to read the bible in a year. One problem they all start on 1st January. Hmmm this is not going to work. Dig deeper. Found something so useful, it just says Day 1 and the following readings. That will work and I started on 12th May, So hopefully I can carry it on for a whole year.

....because humans in the outside world do not need to see me attempting downward-facing dog. Nope.

I got into yoga a couple of years ago when I was feeling a bit BLEH (a word that is not yet in the dictionary but one day will be.)

Last week in week in May, I had mainly sat down and starting at a screen (due to all revision and assignments that I got loaded with) I sort of subconsciously visited my old favourite yoga workout in an attempt to stretch out my poor back. I guess the warning that should come here is that if you do any sort of fitness at home, you could be doing it very wrong and doing more harm than good. Please be careful and research proper 'form' before you become a yoga queen or king.

Happy birthday to me! I turned eighteen this month, so I guess I'm officially an adult? Whatever that even means. Anyhow I recently had a realisation which I thought was important to share. A few days ago, I was reflecting on my life so far. Something that bothered me was the fact that I would've accomplished more than I have before I turned 18. I constantly hear people my age who have already done so much with their lives, making mine like a joke compared to theirs. However I soon snapped out of it and told myself there's absolutely no point comparing my life to other people's.

No, I may not have accomplished very much over the 18 years of my life. But heck, I've been though a hell of a lot, especially over the past few years. I went through some pretty tough times, but eventually managed to fight through them and come out stronger than ever. That in itself is a great accomplishment in my opinion, and I don't give myself enough credit for the thing for the things that I have been through. In fact I'm actually thankful for having gone through them, because without the hard time, I wouldn't have learnt to be thankful for the good days.

This has been year of growth for me, filled with many valuable lessons, as well as hard times that I'm proud to have overcome. Here's to another year of learning, happiness, and positivity.

When a friend first told me about unplugging from technology, I didn’t really pay much attention. I thought that the idea of staying offline for a day would only faze a handful of computer geeks and kids who tremble at the idea of life with without a mobile phone and tablet.

Unplug to recharge.
Sharpen the saw.

Whatever you call it, we all need to put down the technology and look up and around us every so often. The world will not end if you leave your phone on your desk and go for a 20 minute walk in the sun or meet a friend for lunch. Yes, you may have more texts, emails and voicemails when you return, but think of how much better you'll be able to manage those when your mind is clear and recharged! Did you know that, on average, we humans require 10 "touches" (like a hug or handshake) every day in order to feel interpersonally content? Your keyboard doesn't count :)


One of my friends asked me these questions in ways to keep in contact when they are off to UNI and when I'm off to Newcastle. It made other friends surroundings us laugh. Maybe not her at the time but now she laughs it off.

Friend: Do you have FaceBook?
Me: No!
Friend: How about Twitter?
Me: No!
Friend: Do you have WhatsApp?
Me: No!
Friend: Then what DO you have?
Me: A LIFE!!!!

Recipe of the month:

You got to be joking. You think I have time to bake something yummy? Or try and cook a meal just for me? Come back next month!

Monday, 9 May 2016


Hi! I'm Rebekah and I am an introvert.

Introverts I'm sure you know the word and I'm sure you heard it. Maybe you know a lot about it maybe you don't. Basically, introversion is the opposite off extroversion which is on the opposite spectrum off personaility traits they dictate how your brain wired, works, function and how you act around people. But more important how you energize. However, you can be both this is called ambient where you are on the fence of introvert and extrovert. Usually, you lean more towards one or the other and I think my case is more leaned to introvert. For example, I prefer a lot of time inside reading a good book(if you haven't realised, well only if no assignments need my attention) than going out to a party.

I find small talk really boring. I tend to go into a deeper stuff which can be off putting I think and intense. I find it difficult to talk to new people and meet new people because I feel really shy, awkward and weird. I even feel weird when talking to a group of friends whom I haven't seen a while I don't know why I feel this way, just do.

These things don't make me an introvert but they are definitely common traits of personaility and I think you know which one you lean towards.

I know my family whom I won't shame them on here since they do actually read this blog. But because I don't like going out in a big groups or talk about the small stuff they label me being 'anti-social.' Maybe you get this in your life. Well I always getting annoyed at this but I have come to realization that people whom call you 'anti-social' haven't seen us the right way. Have they?

Just because you feel so tired after talking to people or like talking about the deep stuff or even feel so awkward when talking to people. DOES NOT MAKE YOU WEIRD. Or anyway being labelled introvert for just being the way you are.

Being introvert is not a bad thing either. I think there is a stigma because extroverts are seen as a norm. In order to be successful in life or even your chosen career. You need to be a big, social, beautiful butterfly, you need to be super confident and good at talking to people. I believe that is not true there are so many people who shaped the world who were introverts, such as J.K. Rowling, Emma Watson, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein.  All these people are introverts and responsible for shaping the world.

Don't be scared for being weird you still capable of doing wonderful things in life.

I'm not writing this post to say extroverts  are bad. On the contrary, I think some of my friends are extroverts. But I do think there is a stigma on introverts as it not as respected like extroverts is. Which is dump and stupid. You should be how crazy or weird as you want to be. Just be yourself.

I would really appreciate if you would comment down below and let me know whether you an introvert or extrovert perhaps both. I'm kinda interested in what you folks say. Hopefully you know me and I get to know you better.

Be weird stay weird.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Say no

No. NO. nO. Noooooooooooo.No

No matter how I say it, saying "no" is difficult for me. That word doesn't strike my vocal cords naturally, especially when I don't want to do something or go somewhere. My mind is saying NO! but I can't get myself to say it out loud. It's probably because I'm a people pleaser-too concerned with being polite and not letting people down instead of honouring my true wishes. It seems I'd rather do something I don't enjoy than have someone I'm with have a poor time to be upset with me.

That said, I'm more determined to overcome this block. I'm learning slowly that the world won't end if I utter that scary two-letter word. People won't hate me. Things won't crumble to pieces. In fact, the honesty may be appreciated and a compromise will most likely be found.

So here, say it out loud with me: NO.