Saturday, 18 March 2017

Just me again!

This blogging it getting hard work, Nearly every week I'm blogging. Though make the most of it. I thought I could add this to the Monthly musings, though I think it deserves a blog post on it's own.

And before you ask, no I didn't get a PB on my parkrun. In-fact this post isn't about running. I know, hard to believe. I normally to a parkrun on Saturday morning. But this Saturday was different. Today, my church had a church away day. Oh and no it wasn't a day where we had jolly we had to use that thing that in our skull. Remind me, what is it called. Oh yes, the brain!

This is the song, I learned at the youth group I used to lead. It fits in appropriate to the theme of my church away day, we were learning about the fruit of the spirit.

The whole day was about fellowships and learning about the fruit of the spirit.
In the afternoon there was different workshops to do. I chose to do walking but I was reflecting. I couldn't decide either to do a creative writing or walking. Though walking meant that I could talk, get my steps in and explore Wylam better.  It wasn't till the evening when I really gathered my thoughts together. That I created a poem.

Oh and took photo's

These photos was taken by the river tyne in Wylam. Some  of them could be a lot better but the lighting wasn't right because Mr Sunshine, didn't want to appear it was doing his disappearing act again. It just rained and then we stepped outside it sometime it stopped raining.

Oh yes, here the poem.

Fruit of the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit means living every day
Looking up to Jesus and following His way.
And when I give Him all of me
Just like a mighty tree–
My actions will become sweet fruit
For all the world to see.

Galatians 5 lists all nine fruits
The Spirit wants to grow
And if you read them for yourself
You will be sure to know:

That LOVE comes first–the kind you choose,
Not feelings you may lose,
But actions that show sacrifice,
And branch out the Good News.

And then comes JOY, that you can hold
No matter what life brings
It’s the Song of all God’s promises
The glad heart daily sings.

Sweet PEACE comes next, a quiet heart
Though life may twist and turn,
Then PATIENCE shows it wants no part
Of sparks that quickly burn.

KINDNESS is an active fruit
It treats others with care
The love of Jesus is the root
That spreads it everywhere.

GOODNESS knows and does what’s right–
Its actions match God’s teaching
It spreads His shining, perfect light
Into a dark world reaching.

FAITHFULNESS is like a rock,
A firm and steady friend
Who never leaves you hanging–
But is loyal to the end.

GENTLENESS is tender strong.
It turns the other cheek.
It rarely ruffles when it’s wronged.
(It’s a synonym for “meek.”)

And then at last, fruit number nine,
(Its growth requires practice).
It doesn’t lash out, pout, or whine,
Or prickle like a cactus.
It doesn’t need to over-dine
Or lick clean the ice cream bowl;
For with the Spirit/Helper, you can have fruit SELF CONTROL.

When you put the nine together,
A fruit salad you will make
That proves to all the world your life
Is lived for Jesus’ sake!

Now if you don't mind, all this walking is making me very tired, So I'm going to have a chocolate brownie, maybe even some cream oh and not forget about hot choco.  

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Running is my rescue

Running is a simple! All you need is running shoes and you are off to go, not only that you can do it anywhere. You don't need good countryside to run in and admire the landscape. Nope you can just admire the sound off you footsteps. Or even seeing traffic and you are passing each car by your own footsteps. (Something that doesn't happen up here a lot)

In fact, most of my creative ideas and random thoughts (including this blog post) have come to be while on a run. I like to give my mind the freedom to wander. Thoughts come and go, and for whatever reason, my mind seems to be able to reach and explore areas that i'm not capable of finding when not running.

Though not all runs turn out great, some of them I am mainly walking. But today, I was running and really full of energy even took pictures. As I just got back from running, this is going to be a quick post, as I'm going to have a bath and read my book maybe even use candles.

My feet stick the black rubber
Its like some kind of magnetic tape
Day after day, it pulls me back
For not only does my body demand it,
but my heart yearns for it
Its the cure to all pain and the rescue from all fear
It there when I need it, even if I choose not to feed it
When I want it, I get it, but never abuse it
It never talks back nor says I'm stupid 
Its always there for every stride and every cry
Its my track and I know I'll never lose it

Just a short  poem about my love for running. How it's the most dependable thing I've got. Friends may come and go, but running will always be a part of me.

Photos time, (not all of these photos was taken this evening, but they have been taken while running)

Oh pretty sky, 


Not to sure, what these flowers are, though they look lovely

I just missed the sunset, but a lovely MR sunshine just about to do his disappearing act

This sort of represents the running wall, oh and the shadow is me

my delicious snack, cup of coffee and peanut crackers and chocolate spread. 

By eating those tasty crackers, got me to do to this!!!!!!!!!!

Now i'm off in my lovely bath, reading "Reading in bed" Yes that is the title so don't worry you haven't read wrong. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Being very creative in the kichen

What to you think of when teenagers have the house to themselves for more than one night? Maybe you think of them being outrages and inviting their friends over to drink and maybe trash the house down. For me, nope. My parents went away and they trusted me to keep the house intact. Really?

Plus it means, I can have carrots and pineapple for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I thought you might want to admire some food photos. Which you haven't seen for such a long time. Sorry in advance if it making your tummy rumble. I have warned you. You might even receive a recipe at the end, just in case your tummy is saying feed me, feed me.

I can also make a mess!

Though I can also clear up the mess!!

Most of the time my parents were away, I washed up by hand, I didn't see the point of putting things in the dishwasher. Especially when I use certain things daily! Plus it meant that I was rewarded by hot choco or hot chocolate!! Plus cake. Sorry parents there is none left for you.

I thought my parents gave me £20 pound for food shopping, so I tried to see what's in the cupboard and what's in the freezer. Though some days i fancied cooking whereas not so much. And here is what I created.

It's a bit oragany as someone forgot to change the settings! Though this dish is a tuna hash

I noticed there was some tuna in the cupboard so looked in my student cookbook, and found a dish that doesn't take such a long time to make and was also cheap to make, win-win. Plus it's a good way to make tuna go a long way, It was very yummy! The best thing is that I didn't had to share. I did also had a dollop of HP sauce. I'm not keen on tomato sauce everything that can get dipped is mostly to be HP sauce. Unless chips then it's mayo.

Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese 
I don't like eating a lot of meat, so I tend to eat quite lot of vegetarian food, plus I was doing the parkrun the day after eating this. So I decided to have some pasta. I must say this is the best bolognese I made it was so tasty and juicy and had a different flavour to the normal bolognese. I wonder if my Dad would be able to taste the difference. I better to a taste test to see!

Using the left bolognese sauce to make lasagna!
As the bolognese can be made into other dishes to, I made some extra not for just one person. I could either add curry paste or chilli and eat with rice or baked potatoes. Though I fancied pasta the next day so I made myself some lasagna. Leftovers, are great! Aren't there? Also the lasagna that I made was so tasty as I used whole milk and the proper cheese sauce or the roux sauce as the professionals call it. See my Catering GCSE still comes to play.

The cake is honey cornbread cupcake with cheese frosting. Perfect piping!
I am starting to knit again. I making lots of progress honestly! And it's all my work now! I have made a wonderful friend at my church, who does lots of knitting and makes lovely cakes. So every month we go to each other houses to do some knitting and make cakes. So I thought I could show off to you, with my new knitting skill and my piping cakes skill. Unfortunately not all cakes looked like that. So I shall be doing more cakes baking and getting my piping in tip top.

As I didn't wake up till 12 in the afternoon, of the day I was doing knitting with my friend, I didn't to any food shopping for later that evening. I had about two hours to vacuum the house, oh the hob is dirty I will just clean that up. Oh look the laundry is spilling everywhere, I will just put that in the washing machine and hang it up. Ohmygoodness, the washing up is spilling over the worktop surface. I will quickly to that and put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea. Oh heck, my cup of tea, is cold, I will just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Look the table is a mess, I quickly tidy that up. Drink Rebecca! My cup of tea is now perfect temperature to drink. Hang on, what is that in my mouth, it a tea bag that someone forgot to take out.  Now, i'm so sweaty, I just have enough time too jump in the shower, enough time to make myself a cup of coffee and read my book! What it's that time already! Then my Dad saved the day and week, he put my normal money that I get every week separate to the food shopping money. I looked online, to see when the shops close an hour before I looked online. Never mind, it means I can enjoy my evening by going out for dinner. Thanks Dad! I again had pasta, my favorite type, macaroni cheese.

As anyone told, you that I like pasta? In fact every time my Mum asks me 'What would you like for dinner? My reply, 'pasta please' even though we had pasta a few days ago!!!!

Monday pie

I think, before I turn into pasta and get eaten. I should have something else rather than pasta. As I do my running on Monday evening! Yep, you did read that right. And I decided to go in the freezer (not literally), Oh there is mince! Defrost it the microwave. Cook the mince with the onions add some baked beans a dash of worchester sauce put it in the oven for 50 minutes. Bob's you uncle and Nellie's your aunt , you have a meal. Which meant that I could have a shower, a quick shower! And don't forget about the HP sauce!!!!!!

Peanut butter and jam American pancake with a cup of coffee!!!!
I had  a parkrun, didn't want to go. So I had to bribe myself, get up, get ready for running and you can have pancakes. I am trying to get a PB (personal best) with my parkrun, no hope yet. When I do I get a PB  to go to Creams  (Ice cream place)! The next time I pass it when I'm in town. I'm improving but not enough to get a PB. I will keep trying. And another blog post sometime soon about running.

Cup of tea, with a nutella and peanut cake in the mug
It was about 10:05 in the evening, I was reading my book and really fancied peanut butter and a cake. So I decided to put the oven on and get baking. Then my good mind told me not to because I had to wake up early the next day. So I decided to look online how to make microwave cup cake. I found something but the reviews weren't good. So I did what I normally do, bit of bit of this and a bit of that. It turned out really tasty and gooey just like the ones you get in the restaurants. Plus it meant I could get my craving of peanut butter and cake all at once.

Recipe time

 1 egg
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoon peanut butter
2 tablespoon of nutella
1 tablespoon flour
1 tablespoon of coco
1/4 teaspoon baking powder

In a jug or a small bowl, stir the egg, brown sugar, peanut butter, flour, choco, nutella, and baking powder with a fork. Put the mixture in a mug. Microwave for 1 minute. Eat straight away from the mug.

Now if you don't mind, my tummy is saying feed me, feed me. I'm going to make that cake in the mug.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Not the blog post I was intending to post

Sometimes my mind and my fingers aren't not on the same page and it's one of those days. So you might wish to read this post and ponder about Lent and Easter. Maybe soon, my mind and fingers are going to be on the same page.

What is Easter all about and why do lent?

If you ask children this question you might get random answers.You might get an answer of pancakes, well they are tasty aren't they. My favorite topping is maple syrup and a bit of apple. Then you have easter eggs. Oh and don't forget hot cross buns! Though they must be a significant reason why we celebrate easter apart from the food we eat.

So why do we celebrate easter, you may be asking. It’s  the time of year when we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The word ‘lent’ as come from an Anglo Saxon word ‘Lenten’ which means spring. Lent represents the 40 day period of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Lent runs from Ash Wednesday the Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). Many people, rather than fasting food completely, fast from a pleasure, desserts or watching TV. What are you giving up for lent?

My answer to that, is nothing. Not because I’m perfect, or a perfect Christian. But my experience is that my energy is solely on not having this one desired thing. For me, i’m bad with a cup of tea and coffee. So the 40 days, I am focusing on coffee and tea. Which isn’t the right way to go about lent. Is it?

I bet you didn’t know this, in some churches, some of the decorations are removed during lent such as flowers, as a sign of grieving. Lent is never mentioned in the Bible. Maybe you call me an evangelical Christian, I recognise that because Jesus has died for us, we no longer have to be mournful and sad, and we definitely don’t need to do anything to earn forgiveness!

You might be saying to yourself, I hope. What you are saying, Rebecca. That Jesus death was pleasant. Of course not, yes, Jesus’ death was horrible and unpleasant, but it was also victorious and life-giving! Yes, we should be repentant  of our sin, but we do not need to dwell in it any longer.

So no, you do not have to celebrate Lent, and in fact some ways of making Lent may in fact be unhelpful for your walk with God. So the answer to my previous question about having 40 days focusing on coffee and tea, is that the right way about participating lent? Didn’t think so, either.

See that? That’s the end of your nose. Any maybe just a short space in front of it. Pretty easy to focus on that isn't it? What does lent mean for you? Is it focusing on your nose? Is it focusing on your desired beverage or food? Thank you, it’s about Jesus.

I might not be giving up something this year for lent. Though I am doing lent in a very unique manner. Some of you have good eye to detail and looked at my card. No don’t worry, I won’t be asking you make cross stitch cards. Maybe you are like me , you give up something you like and your attention for 40 days is that one thing. I am urging you to do not that. As we discovered this morning that lent is about Jesus. Jesus loves us no matter what. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gives a bit of love now and then. Which is why, I am doing lent in a strange way by doing something thoughtful to a person. It could be a simple as holding a door for someone. It could be a big kindness by asking someone on the street that you believe is homeless and ask them if they would a like of tea.  Or it could be just you want to show your friend how much they are appreciated by sending them a card or give them a call.

During lent, make sure you are focusing on Jesus!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Is homophobia wrong?

Very deep question, and not an easy question to answer either. 

Yesterday, I got attacked by my friend Philippa who was in Starbucks and got told to come and join them. I also got my coffee free thanks for using your phone. Cherry invented this game where you put your phones in the middle of the table if you touch it you either pay the next round of drinks or get someone a drink. I was the lucky person who got my drink paid for. Result! They were eight of us in total doing table talk, where you get a question. And one of those questions, was "Is homophobia wrong?"

This got me thinking. 

Let's go back in time. We were sexitst, at one point a women couldn't vote only a Man. In fact a Woman was not even entitled to a opinion! We were racist, at one point you couldn't marry another race. There were two separate of everything one for 'Whites' and one for 'Black'. Now our society has changed for the better. Though are we less judgemental individuals?

The definition of homophobia is where you hold a prejudice view against homosexual people. So you don't think a Male should be in relationship with another Male, nor Female be with another Female.

Maybe these facts would scare you, 1 in 5 LGB people have experienced a homophobic hate crime or incident in the last three years, yet just 1 in 4 reported them to the police. (Stonewall 2008).  LGB people are twice as likely as heterosexual people to have suicidal thoughts or to make suicide attempts. 

Back to the question, everyone is entitled to an opinion. So you might not agree that with LGBT though that doesn't mean you should treat them any different as you would to towards heterosexual people. I don't think homophobia is 'OK' or 'not OK'. It just is! A homophobic is acting on their feelings towards homosexuals in a discriminative or harmful ways, is definnielty not OK.

It's been said that homosexuality has become so embedded in modern society that if one disagrees with it, they run the risk of being labelled homophobic or intolerant. That's something i've often hear, but it's a little unfair. Again everyone is entitled to an opinion. Even if you disagree with person still hear them out. Remember the phrase, agree to disagree?

Some homophobic behaviour is as if homosexuals are less than human. And that's really revolting. That's the kind of attitde that let the Nazies exterminted homosexuals among with the Jews in WW11. I'm committed to stamping out that attitude, as much as i'm able.

Secondly, being a Christian is not about being "good". It's about being forgiven. Paul says in the book of Colossians, that God has "rescued from the dominion of darkness and brought into the kingdom of his beloved son, in whom we have redemption, (that is) the forgiveness of sins" (Colossians 1:13-14)

As a Christian should you tell your friends that LGBT is wrong and a sin? Or should you show love to you friends the way Christ taught us to love? I always use this statement "What would Jesus do? (WWJD)" Is Jesus about harming people? Or  is Jesus about giving love, and just accepting who you are. I know what type of Jesus I would like to follow! 

What do you think, is homophobia wrong?