Tuesday, 8 March 2016

I wish I was (a flaw exmination)

I wish I was witty
Well writer
I wish I was wise I wish the percentage
of times I'm right  about things
went from 95 to 100
because really, I'm right a lot of the time
but I would like to be right
all of the time
I wish I could sing better
people tell me I can sing
but I wish I could sing the best
I wish belting on a west end stage
came as naturally to me
as mumbling does
I wish I was the best
at everything, really
I wish I could take to people without choking
and I wish I could talk to people in person
also without choking
I wish my feet don't smell so bad
and that I didn't cry in public
as often I do
I wish I didn't get jealous
and I wish I could stop thinking
that the people laughing near me
are laughing about me
I wish I could stop cracking my fingers
not because I want to stop
but because it grosses everyone out.
I wish I was more flexible
in terms of touching my toes
and changing plans
I wish I didn't think about
eating the way I do
I wish I could have slice of pizza as partly without hating myself
I wish I was patient, less stubborn
and brave
I wish I was more interesting
but that might be one of those things where
everyone else thinks I'm interesting
but I don't because i';m me
and I know I spend most of days
reading books in my room
which isn't interesting
I'm not even saying that to be cute and quirky,
I am just genuinely undressed
in my room most of the time
I wish I was actually as mysterious
as everyone who doesn't know me thinks I am
I wish I didn't feel like
I had to be the best at everything
I wish I could give myself the freedom
to make a mistake without thinking about
the mistake for an entire week after the mistake,.
I wish I wasn't so hard on myself
maybe I should stop looking for things
I don't like about me now
See friends and readers of this blog. I still write poems. 

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