Monday, 9 May 2016


Hi! I'm Rebekah and I am an introvert.

Introverts I'm sure you know the word and I'm sure you heard it. Maybe you know a lot about it maybe you don't. Basically, introversion is the opposite off extroversion which is on the opposite spectrum off personaility traits they dictate how your brain wired, works, function and how you act around people. But more important how you energize. However, you can be both this is called ambient where you are on the fence of introvert and extrovert. Usually, you lean more towards one or the other and I think my case is more leaned to introvert. For example, I prefer a lot of time inside reading a good book(if you haven't realised, well only if no assignments need my attention) than going out to a party.

I find small talk really boring. I tend to go into a deeper stuff which can be off putting I think and intense. I find it difficult to talk to new people and meet new people because I feel really shy, awkward and weird. I even feel weird when talking to a group of friends whom I haven't seen a while I don't know why I feel this way, just do.

These things don't make me an introvert but they are definitely common traits of personaility and I think you know which one you lean towards.

I know my family whom I won't shame them on here since they do actually read this blog. But because I don't like going out in a big groups or talk about the small stuff they label me being 'anti-social.' Maybe you get this in your life. Well I always getting annoyed at this but I have come to realization that people whom call you 'anti-social' haven't seen us the right way. Have they?

Just because you feel so tired after talking to people or like talking about the deep stuff or even feel so awkward when talking to people. DOES NOT MAKE YOU WEIRD. Or anyway being labelled introvert for just being the way you are.

Being introvert is not a bad thing either. I think there is a stigma because extroverts are seen as a norm. In order to be successful in life or even your chosen career. You need to be a big, social, beautiful butterfly, you need to be super confident and good at talking to people. I believe that is not true there are so many people who shaped the world who were introverts, such as J.K. Rowling, Emma Watson, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein.  All these people are introverts and responsible for shaping the world.

Don't be scared for being weird you still capable of doing wonderful things in life.

I'm not writing this post to say extroverts  are bad. On the contrary, I think some of my friends are extroverts. But I do think there is a stigma on introverts as it not as respected like extroverts is. Which is dump and stupid. You should be how crazy or weird as you want to be. Just be yourself.

I would really appreciate if you would comment down below and let me know whether you an introvert or extrovert perhaps both. I'm kinda interested in what you folks say. Hopefully you know me and I get to know you better.

Be weird stay weird.


  1. I'm exactly the same

  2. I completely agree be weird, stay weird!!!! best.motto.yet