Monday, 6 June 2016

Another little corner of mine

Hello friends and family!

It's surprsing what I get up to when I am up to ears of my assignments. I still manage to blog and takep pictures oh and set up a new blog on another form of blogging. Well since my friends and family are all over the place and my phone is up to capacity for strorage it's even saying 'OH NO, not anoher photo' well ok that was exaggerated. Can phones actually talk to you? You know to remind you what you have to do. That would be cool even I say so myself. 

Amd you propbably remenber me keep saying, 'one day, I will set up Flickr' Yeah that did happen but I jsut couldn't get my head around it and I like to write about my pictures. Plus since I am doing my next three years on Photography I might esle well do another blog that is delegated just for photogrpahy. Makes sense really!!

So here is the website. Yes really Rebecca Elsdon (me) does photogprahy.

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