Friday, 14 April 2017

Reflection on good friday

It was the Romans who killed you,
who nailed you to a cross
to punish you for thinking differently.
Murdered for daring to challenge the might of Imperial Rome.
Murdered for daring to suggest that the world should be different, 
that it could be rearranged for once,
not to make the powerful comfortable,
but deeply uncomfortable.


maybe it was the religious leaders who wanted you dead?
For challenging their deeply and sincerely held religious truths, 
for shaking things up and rocking the boat,
for daring to suggest that just because 
we have always done it like this,
we always must?
We cannot challenge the guardians of tradition,
where would we be without it?
Better surely to let one man die….

It was the crowd!
It was their fault
It must have the been the crowd who gathered and cried “Crucify!”
who are the ones who killed you.
What they need, you see, is a scapegoat, 
someone for the Romans to blame,
so that they won’t come looking for anyone else. 

maybe it was me?

Maybe you should pity me, 
for on this Good Friday,
I will stand with the Romans,
because I, who have everything,
don’t really want anything to change.
I will stand with the religious leaders,
and make sure that my traditions are honoured,
no matter who they exclude.
I will stand with the crowd,
who already know who is to blame 
for all that goes wrong.

And I will cry “Crucify”

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