Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I made it!

Well, here it is; my first post about my 17th Birthday.

No! this is not me bragging. My alarm woke me up, I forgot to turn it off as I'm not going to college this week, since it's the half term. I turned it off and Mom woke me up, opened my cards, I didn't expect any presents at I all. When people said "what do you want for you birthday?" I replied back saying some money so I could get a iPod but don't want you to buy the iPod for me, I will use my birthday money and save some money. Couple of weeks ago I have been cycling to and from college and want a new bike that is meant for commuting. But no, my parents got me a new bag, and of course a new bike. Though I don't want my parents to get anything as I know they're going to put a lot of money towards it. However I'm not complaining, I  did need a new bag, since mine was my Mom's and it's not waterproof. 

I opened up my cards and got a lot of money. Before I know it, my Dad was like "we're getting your new bike today." Wow! The time I got back home I had 10 minutes to get ready. Before Tia and Lydia come. Mom asked who is coming, just as I said Tia and about to put something in the bin , Tia came. Tia was saying "who is coming." Have a guess. Of course, just about to say Lydia, Lydia came. 

We got Lawrence. cycled to the park, locked our bike at the park. Lawrence said jokingly, 'have you got your keys?' I started laughing, as I forgot about my keys, gave Mom a text and met Mom and she gave me my keys. 

It was a bank holiday, surprisingly no rain. Today was the Donkey Darby, In case you haven't worked it out, Tia, Lawrence, Lydia and I went to Donkey Darby. We all had good fun. Everyone made it good fun, so thank you all. Especially to Lydia collecting all Panda's, Tia on the ride, saying "Gonna get you." Lawrence just being there and have a joke which is helpful.  I had lunch out, at The White Swan and we admired the ducks in the pond at Sandhurst park. You can never be too old to watch ducks and just listen to the birds signing away. 

And the day came a close with a delicious roast dinner with my Mom and Dad. 

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