Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Who are you again?

I should know you, shouldn't I?
It's in your face, a taut, expectant smile.

that hopes I do. God knows, I don't want to offend-
a perfect stranger? A long-last friend?

I may not know you,
but I want to!!!!

I sit here in my bedroom on my sofa and trying to work out what poem to write today. Most of you know that I suffer from face blindness in case you don't here is the link. I can't recognize myself in photos or even my friends in the photo. Which is ever so annoying, especially when your friends think it's so funny. Well to assure you, it's not funny. It is rather embarrassing. The worse scenario  is when you try new clothes and can't work out who the person is in the mirror. Wait it's you, 

When I meet new people I have to try to remember who is wearing what. Though people keep taking their hoodies, jumpers you name it they take it off with in reason. They form a different person. So there's me saying 'hello, my name is Rebekah what is yours?' I always get 'hello, we met in about ten minutes ago.' It's O.K. if you can't remember names but faces. Oh even people who you just met around ten minutes ago.

I am not good with reconsigning faces. However I am really good at remembering people by their clothes and type of style and I know people far away just by the way they are walking. So there is an advantage of being face blindness. Apart from that it sucks.

There was an encounter today when I was drinking my coffee in a pub while I was waiting for my friend. Who had a haircut. Did I recognize her? I'm afraid not. O.K. that was one of them then a few minutes went by and another person walked by, my friend Tia goes 'hang on, that person over there is from church.' I'm going 'no, it can't be. I don't remember that person. It's a stranger.' Then Tia goes' it's Louise from church'. I know Louise for about three years now and Tia only met this person about two times. 

So if you have face blindness or just can't recognize people. Here are some tips that I learned on the way that can help. 
1) At gatherings where there are some people you know, treat everyone in a friendly
way. Smile and say hello to people in passing and this will prevent people thinking you
are ignoring them. 
2) Get people to wear name tags if appropriate. 
3)  Make diagrams and notes of where people are sitting in class. This only helps if people stay in it that place. 
4) Try to work out what that person likes wearing or what they tend to wear. 

If you got any other tips that I haven't mentioned then pop them downstairs. 

Oh I forgot to mention. I gone over 1,000 page views. How did that happen?

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  1. Well Brilliant Becca another perfect Poem for a witty writing Wednesday. You are so brave for writing something that is ever so personal and telling the whole universe. This has to be the best poem I read. You are ever so talented in writing poems Becca.