Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Another year at college/school is starting

Back to college!

it's time for back to college
it's time to get back to the grind
it's time to get more knowledge
and be swamped with all the assignments
college is hard, it's tough
all the papers, quizzes, and tests
there's no room for you to bluff
you try to study more as your body rests
it's what the teachers don't tell you
as they pile on work more and more
they don't even give you a clue
that you learn more outside the classroom door
so take the time, take a chance
have some fun while it lasts
live your life, make it a dance
because college goes way to fast

This poem was what I said to my Mom and Dad yesterday about college life. Then wrote it down today and it made such a wonderful poem. 

So what inspired me to write it in the first place, I hear you all you saying. Well it's time to go back to school or college. During that time you get lots of tests and homework even worse never ending assignments. You try to relax for the next busy days but you can't as you got a test tomorrow so you have to study when you just want to relax with hot cocoa and off course a book. You can't just say I will relax tomorrow as teachers have a mind of their own and like to give people lots of homework. You actually learn a lot more out of the class room then you do in. I have no idea how this works. So don't ask. Amongst  of the hard work during school and college there is always room for fun. So with the fun make sure you enjoy it and remember. 

I told you this Wednesday is a bright one. There should be some brighter ones on the journey. Do you remember I said don't get used to two poems? Well today you are only going to have one. And don't get used to have two poems in one post . You just got to watch me incase I do three in one post. 

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