Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The magic and the moment

The wind began to blow
And shook the trees
Heads turned up in unison
Witnessing a season of change

The leaves were freed from their branches
Floating and swinging through the air
Painting the sky with golden colors
Dancing their way to the ground

The wind blew again
And the trees shook
Whispers in the wind:
"It's good luck to catch a leaf!"

Searching and turning
Arms opening wide
Hands held high
Watching the leaves dance in the sky

They swirled, turned and swept me
Off my feet
Dodging and scooping
The magic in the moment

I come here this evening forgetting it was Wednesday. Thanks to my friend reminded me to write a poem. I look back to my walk this morning where I saw the trees changing colour from green to orange. Then a child then says the her Mom 'it good luck good luck to catch a leaf!!' I also wanted to write a poem about autumn since it's autumn. 

 It's definitely autumn when Starbuck sell their pumpkin spice latte.

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