Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Tigger and the wishing box

'Hi, I'm Tigger. T-I double 'G'-er" Most of you remember me as a character from Winne the Pooh. You may think I'm a cuddle toy that children cuddle at night. Well I'm a cuddle toy but that is not all, I live in two lives. I also have a life of my own, where I go elsewhere. I know what you are thinking, elsewhere is a place you go when you die and on your birthday you go back each year until you are one year old then you back to the river Nile and back to earth. I mean adventures that you think are bizarre.

I live with my owner who is called Cassandra. She is seventeen years old and goes to college therefore has no time to play with me, all of her other teddy bears all collected up in a big teddy mountain in her corner of the room. None of my friends live with Cassandra or me. However there is a box next to the gigantic teddy mountain. Know it's not just a normal box, oh no! It grows wings, little red buds, then just when I get in the box it takes me to see my friends or adventures. I never knew what I am going to each day. While Cassandra goes to college.

Hop in the box with me. "Where shall we go today?, Goodness Knows Where." Well that is actually a place. I can't quite believe that there is a place called Goodness Knows Where? I don't know where it is, so don't ask me, I'm so glad that this magic box knows where it is going.  Well that is what I thought, until the box  dropped downwards after a time and came to a tiny village. The chair hadn't landed in the village. It had flown a few feet above the strange little houses and then shot upwards again. The box flew again, and then came to a heaving mass of water? Was it the sea? Or a lake? You can never guess what I saw. I saw a lovely silver moon-path on the sea. I'm sure it leads to the moon! The box stopped and hovered  in mid-air as if it read my mind and was changing its mind. To my great relief it left the moon-path and flew on till it came to a little island. This was perfectly round and flat, and had one big tree standing up in the middle of it. Under the tree was a boat and someone was fast asleep in it. It was my best friend winnie the pooh. Winnie the pooh is a small golden bear, about 22 inches tall. He wears and old red t-shirt. One way to describe him, he is a chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. A bear of very little brain. Oh I forgot, to introduce myself, well you know I'm tigger. I'm a very bouncy animal, about 23 inches tall. I'm very active and fun-loving. I actually look like a tiger. My top is made out of rubber, my bottom is made out of springs. I'm bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun.

'Winnie the pooh is a funny fellow, you know-can't bear to sleep, if anyone else is within miles of him. So he has a boat and airplane, and each night he takes one or the other off to go some lonely place to sleep, so this evening he went to the deserted island.
Winnie the pooh was sleeping, and I decided to jump out of the box and give winne the pooh the fright. I certainly did that alright. I even jumped on to him. There was a mirror and whinnie the pooh thought there was two tigger's. But it wasn't as I was I'm the only tigger. I didn’t like the Tigger in the mirror, so I ran under the table "has Tigger gone? Pooh replied "yes, apart from the tail." It was gone as a flash of lightning. I then jumped on to pooh again. "Did I said I was hungry." Pooh said "no, nope for honey I hope." But I love honey and that's what tiger likes the best. Winnie the pooh was very upset when he said "I was afraid of that!" Tiger doesn't like HONEY!!

I jumped back in the box to go home, well more to Cassandra bedroom. "Take us home, Box." And up into the air it rose, flapping its big wings-and in five minutes' time I was back in Cassandra bedroom. Just in nick of time, as she has finished college early this evening.

I said "Good-bye, Wishing Box", patting it. It has taken me and you on a wonderful adventures The box creaked loudly, as if it, too, were saying good-bye. "I must go and jump onto Cassandra bed. I will see you all again someday, I hope."

Before I do go, I want to share you something.  "Sometimes life is hard, where you just want to escape. Did you know life is like a roller-coaster, or even a game of ticket to ride? With life and roller-coaster it slows at times, speeds at time. It scared at time, thrills at times.  It's full of ups and downs, be prepared for the ride. Put on your seat belt! Hold on tight and enjoy the ride. And close your eyes when it dives. Oh did you feel the rush, of the air when you plunge. Up you go and down you come, same as in the journey of life. If there is no down there won't be up. So do not frown, do not sigh just smile and bravely face the sunshine." (Do you remember this poem?)

"T-T-F-N; Ta-Ta for now."

I had English last Friday, I got told to write a story so my lecture had a box and we had to come with something from a box. First thing poped in my head was Tiger and a magic box that can go to places just like the wishing chair by Enid Blyton. What a great child book. I really enjoyed writing this story and wanted you to read this story.

Did I mention that I was going to write a story? I think I did, then every Wednesday after that I wrote poems.

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