Saturday, 28 November 2015

Just quick poem's

My head is hot,
My voice is squeaky,
My body hurts,
My nose is leakey,
I think my Dad has something, too.
I think, I think
We have...

I got the cold, and just cannot stop sneezing. Thought I can cheer myself up with writing a poem. I can sense another poem about sneezing. Can you?


Last night I had the sneezes.
I was really very ill.
My mother called the doctor
who prescribed a purple pill.

At eight o'clock I went to bed.
My mom turned out the light.
I used up one whole box of Kleenex
sneezing through the night.

I sneezed my brains out in my bed.
I didn't get much rest.
So that's the reason, teacher,
that I flunked the spelling test.

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