Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What was the point of Writing Wednesday?

Oh I remember, it was thing for me to write in the evenings when I can't sleep at night during the holidays and because I had too much fun writing poetry I kept it going. Right! But I somehow never really write something because I can't sleep it was all random like the poem about life is roll coaster.

Well today, I decided to use a poem that I wrote in my poetry book about me not sleeping.

I can't sleep

I Can't sleep
I find myself yawning again and again,
But I can't sleep, which is a real pain.
I lie on my left side, then on my right,

But, for me, there is no sleep in sight. 

Next, I turn and lie flat on my back,
But, of any sleep, there is still a lack.
I lie there, looking up at the ceiling:
Pretty drained, is how I am feeling. 

I wish my system would just slow down,
But, through my mind, thoughts race round.
Feeling restless, I begin to huff and puff:
I know that, in the morning, I'll feel rough. 

As a poet, my mind is still really busy rhyming,
But, when I'm trying to sleep, isn't great timing.

To try and get some sleep, I really endeavour,
But the night seems to go on forever and ever. 

I am really willing my mind to take a rest,
But, night time is when my mind thinks best.
Over my sleeping patterns, I have no control:
On me, tomorrow, lack of sleep will take its toll. 

As I snuggle myself down, under the covers,
My body wants one thing; my mind, another.
When lying in bed, I just want some peace:
I want all of this rhyming, for once, to cease.

Now most of you are aware this week is very important Do you know why? Yes it's anti-bullying week. 

Now my school always make a great fuss but really never knew why. Does that sound like you, then read on!

Anti-Bullying Week is an annual UK event in the third week in November which aims to raise awareness of bullying of children and young people, in schools and elsewhere, and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it. If you want to get involved than on Friday 20th November 

With such an important week, there has to be a poem. So here is the poem, I made awhile back like when I was year 8. 

Should've, Could've, would've

I should've could've, would've;
Done something about that day,
If only I had known it ended this way.
I am not proud to tell you
How I stood there and watched;
He was big and scary
Was all I thought.

I couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't,
get involved at all.
I say to myself;
It's none of my business;
As I turn and walk down the hall.

I hear on the news;
'bout this kid who had died
It tells of his woe;
The day of his suicide

They talk about how he locked himself
inside of his room
All to have shot himself to forget all the pain.

Now as I walk through my school
I hear the laughter
But see the fear
In their eyes plainly after
And I know what their thought could easily be
They think to themselves "what if it was me"

I could've done something,
I could've told someone,
I would've, if I hadn't been so afraid.

Now I stand here promising
If I ever see,
This scary and sad sight again
I will change my should've, could've, would've
Into have, done, and did.

So throughout the day you see people getting bullied. Even I have been bullied. But nobody really does anything to stop it, just look at the news of how many people have committed suicide because of being bullied. I do not want any more dying because people cannot stop from being mean. My English teacher's favorite saying is "mean people suck" and that is true. So the next time you see somebody being bullied step in. Don't stay silent.

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