Saturday, 13 February 2016

The ugly and the beauty in real life

I do not know about you. But when reading books they portray life as bright and beautiful. But if life is not challenging then how can you treasure those great memories for me it was on holiday last year we had those Tesco adventures. To me real life is where it goes up and down. And gosh it certainly is that extreme. I do not have time to do a normal post so here is poem that I made ages ago. 


These all part of real life.
All part of everyday life.
Part of the life we live.
Part of life that shall never change.

Real life is no game.
Real life is dangerous.
Real life brings pain.
Real life brings fear.

Real life isn't easy. 
Real life is the world and the world is real life.
Real life is full of sorrow and hate.
For real life brings joy and happiness.
Also brings betrayal and death.
Real life is precious and won't last for ever. 
So Enjoy real life as long as you can .
Before its gone and never comes back 

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