Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Too quiet

I can’t even scream
to the universe
at the top of my lungs
to ask her what the hell
is going on here—
i was told
sound can’t travel
in space
do you think the universe
did that as a joke
that she’s right up there
ready to listen
but once we get smart
enough to think to inquire
how the existence of
earth has transpired,
we’ll learn science said no
shouts can’t reach any higher
than atmosphere level down here.
so we’ll fire a rocket!
brilliant plan
with an offering and
list of questions in hand
“hello!” we exclaim
at the top of our lungs
to the universe
but she can’t hear
so we try again
little louder this time
“excuse me!” we shriek
“i think you’ll find this is
as important to you as
it is to me”
but the universe can’t hear you—
she’s sound asleep.
she couldn’t have done it on purpose,
you see
because with no sound,
she’s as lonely as you, even me
who would wish upon
themselves such a destiny
when anything
in the universe 
could be done
so we’re alone,
i conclude from the lack
of reply
it’s up to us, i suppose
to find truth the sky

Just like the old days, Writing Wednesday. Nah just fancied writing a poem today and wanted an excuse to post something. 

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