Saturday, 9 July 2016

Monthly musings: June

However long your stay on this small planet last, and  whatever happens during it, the most important thing is that-from time to time-you fell life's sweet  caress. Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, Avis de passage (1957)

This month has just whizzed by one moment it was in May next and the end of June. By the time you read  I should of finished college. Where has that gone? Weather this month was just rain I can just about doge the raindrops. This month been high and low unfortunately one of my relatives passed away at the end of May. Parents and I went up to Newcastle, gosh it was cold up there. I just realized May has two bank holidays and my parents went up to Newcastle both of those bank holidays which wasn't planned it just happened. Since I had a tone of assignments to do I didn't had much time to take some photos.

Two words to describe June was clearing out. I'm always tidy but I am also inclined to put things in cupboards and find a home at a later date. But this month all that was going to change. I decided to bull by the horns and just empty the cupboard, It wouldn't take that long to sort it all so I ended up dragging everything out of the cupboard, avoiding injury and dumped it on the bed along with another pile of stuff that needed a new home. I even had to sleep on the floor for one night because it was far to late to put things in new homes.  Do you ever have the feeling that you're sorry you started something?

I know moving house is stressful but not this stressful.  Not the actual physical move itself  apparently but the whole process leading up to it. It is very true that it is one of the most stressful times in a persons life (according to some people up there with divorce!). We used purple bricks to start of with but we didn't get the service we accept so we are now using Waterfileds. You think that is it? Think again, the house we wanted in Westerhope well the company that is buildings those new houses at such a backlash there was not a single comment saying how good it is?

It's also the month where my Dad been redundant from work! Only word to describe it I freedom. Well not really? As my Mum very kindly given my Dad a list of jobs to do. I'm getting used to do my evening coming back from college and getting asked to move furniture around or even having furniture outside the front. Seriously how many stressful things can you have in a given time?

Thursday 24th June, was EU referendum not only that but my first time that I could actually vote something. I already felt that this will be an experience I never forget. I have been researching both sides of the argument is UK better to say or go? I think it's better to remain but unfortunately that is not the outcome. I am sure I made a best decision. I voted with my head not with my heart. This is just an indescribable feeling. I will be directly affected by the outcome of this voting. I personally don't understand how anyone could stay at home and not vote. I think what's even more overwhelming, is the fear. The fear of what is yet come if I didn't vote. The fear of the unknown. The fear of what is going to happen if UK comes out of the EU keeps me up at night. The fear of young people feeling hopeless so they don't go vote scares me.

Now that summer is here maintenance in our Garden is focused on controlling weeds, or rather trying to keep them from taking over. This time of year weeds, encouraged by warm temperatures, and rain. Weeds just sprout prolifically everywhere-in garden beds, shrub pots, lawns, in gravel paths and many crack or crevice weed seed might find safe harbor. It's war and weeds are my enemy. It's my objective to hunt them down where they grow. And because we try to minimize the use of chemicals in our household, my chief battle strategy is hand-to-hand combat-yank them out. "Get 'them when they're small, roots and all." My approach to effective weed control is frequency and thoroughness, so I patrol the gardens regularly beginning in early spring. I'll admit I am more than a little compulsive about weeds.

Recipe of the month 

It has been another month of doing assignments and college work and no time doing magic in the kitchen. It really has been another month of never ending college work and those pesky assignments which I still got to do. Feel free to come round and do them for me. Though  I have been admiring my friend daughter magic. If you fancy doing time magic in the kitchen then go over this corner.

Thanks for my friends and family for pointing out spelling mistakes. If I didn't upload it when I did you won't to read my monthly musings June update well into the end of July. Wait for August monthly musings you might just get a recipe and photos.  

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