Saturday, 30 July 2016

My last time.....

I haven't been blogging much these few months. A) I just been in a bucket full of assignments. B) I'm Moving. The time you read this I would be in Newcastle taking beautiful countryside photos. C) I just haven't been that creative since doing assignments takes a lot out off me. Though since those pesky assignments are flying away I must just be able blog more. Yet somehow I managed to keep doing my monthly updates. How? I don't know!!

I haven't really got any neat words to make a blog post. Though since a lot of my relatives and friends want to see my photos. I might as well put them on here for you to see. And it gives  reason to make a blog post. Can't be bad!

It's weird saying good bye to your friends that you know your whole life time. I have a friend that lives a few doors down where I live. Or shall I put where I used to live. I knew her for a few years even though it feels like I know her for a whole life time. If it is a lovely evening we text each other, "Fancy a photo walk."

Thanks, Tia for being amazing. Cheering me up when I am down and just being there in the ups and downs. It has been a pleasure teaching you how to bake and taking photos. Keep taking photos. Also here is a message for all my friends and family. Thank you for being amazing and wonderful. I will miss each and every one of you. Though if you ever in the local area please feel free to drop by and eat one of my master piece with coffee or tea.

This is what you have been waiting for!

It was my last time to walk around Sandhurst and to do a photo walk with my friend. How to keep a teenager or a young adult happy? Just go to a nearest lake and walk around listening to the birds singing or watching ducks. When you see a duck make a duck impression. Or how about throwing stones in the lake. Word of warning make sure you don't get your friend wet or you, you never get to hear the end of it.

To inspire those people who want to take up photography but don't think they are good. Then here is a quote, "Your first 10,000  photographs are your worst." This amazing quote is from Henri Cartier-Bresson. My favorite quote is by Ansel Adams, "There are no rules for good photographers, there are only good photographs."

Comment down below what your favorite quote is.

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  1. Hi, your pictures are getting better! I'm watching this space to see you becoming a photographer. My favorite quote is from E.B White, "We should all do what, in the long run, give us joy." Cherry