Tuesday, 30 August 2016

It was going to be a thoughtful post.......

I was feeling a bit creative this week. 

Decided to write a something about new creations from the old,
though nothing came out of it. 
Decided to make a poem,
though did that last week,
Decided to making something in the kitchen,
though I just didn't had any spark to do anything.
Decided to write about getting ready for September,
Though i'm still on holiday.
Decided to do a photo walk,
Though here is the pictures!!!!

Maybe you could count above a small poem. But I was really intending to make a thoughtful post about life as I was feeling so creative this week though I typed some words in it was making no sense. There is no way I can upload something on this blog that make no sense. Anyhow you can have a look at my photos that I did this week. Which is my first ever photo walk I done up north.

Maybe next week would be more of a thoughtful post.

1 comment:

  1. How can just write a poem without intending to? Your pictures have improved so much over the summer months. I'm watching this place for a more thoughtful post! Love from Cherry. PS, cannot wait to see you this weekend!!!!!!!!!!