Friday, 19 August 2016

Our house, in the middle of the street

As you are aware, I have moved house on the 1st August to Newcastle upon tyne or shall I say Gateshead. Anyhow, I am no longer living in Sandhurst I am living in a village called Ryton for a few months. As I won't be living in this house that I am currently living some of you won't be able to see it. I thought I can get the house all clean and sparkly to take lovely pictures and have no unpacked boxes lying anywhere.  Or random stuff placed in here and there. Though that is not going to happen. You might as well come in and have a tour guide to show you around, and that would be Rodger my teddy bear.

Pretty standard stuff with terraced house just no garage and no off parking. Which Dad is very unhappy out. Though Mum and I say to him, it's only temporary. And this is the front Entrance. How was you journey? Managed OK! That's good.

This is Rodger, welcoming us in the house. So please do go in. No need to take your shoes off. Yes honestly. While you are looking at the house, would you like a coffee or tea? Maybe hot chocolate!

This is a bit of of a small hallway and mind the lamp we only put that that there as all three of us walk into it. As you will gather on the tour with Rodger and I this house is smaller than the one we had back in Sandhurst. But hey ho, that might just teach us not accumulate so much stuff. Probably not. And yes Rodger isn't on the naughty step he just wants to see you and not get in the way! A nice gentlemen you know.

As you enter the hallway, you have the living room. Mum and Dad sits on the black sofa and when I can persuade Rodger to get off the camping chair I sit on that and use the beanbag as my foot rest. But if I can't get Rodger to come off the camping chair then I use the bean bag. Doesn't Rodger look so comfy!? 

Leading from the living room you have the kitchen dinner. It's got more cupboards than the other house but little workspace. While we are in the kitchen can Rodger and I attempt you in anything, maybe a yogurt or even a cake!

Leading from the kitchen you have the utility room. As you see it's where we have the coffee selection of,teas, a washing machine. Not forgetting about the mircowave nor towels. Rodger also informed me there is a shoe cupboard. Yes honestly no need to take your shoes off! Rodger is showing his amazing skills, by managing to get in the washing machine all by himself.

Rodger welcomes you to the bathroom. This is our only bathroom, so you can't take long for the bath as you get kick out as someone is need of the bathroom. Or you can't come in because Rodger is using the toilet as a seat. Don't look at me like that! Where else I can sit in the living room? Oh, I could always sit on the floor. I should apologise to our Tour guide then. Now I have apologised to Rodger and he forgives me by giving me a big bear hug!

As you leave the bathroom, to the utility, living room, back to the hallway, up the stairs. Sorry Rodger forgot to tell you the stairs is a bit steep. Anyhow, as you have managed to climb the steep stairs you are now on the landing, 

The first bedroom you see, is mine. It's a bit of a mess, hope this photo doesn't give the impression of that. I am doing the last job of unpacking of tyring to put things in the right home. While Rodger as got the pleasure of reading books. 

The next bedroom along is the master room, also known has Mum's and Dad's. Rodger is getting very tired and fancy a nap. I don't blame him, been a busy day for him.

Behind you, is the our secret storage space. Rodger didn't fancy being in this one. For some reason.

This our spare room, but it's where we put things that are not needed in there. Just don't tell Rodger that, as he may just be a bit annoyed at me. As we need Rodger. Though Rodger did fancy being in the box and playing BOO!! with you. 

If you wish to leave  the house after your hot drink or a bite to eat. Or even both. No rush, because Rodger and I love your company. You got two doors you could leave from. You could leave from the front entrance or the back entrance. The back entrance is where the utility room is and then turn right. 

Rodger loves to see you again and wishes you a good journey back home. 

This is the back view of the back entrance. 

If you have an accurate picture of our new houses Rodger and I congratulate you on your exemplary spatial awareness! Feel free to come and compare your pictures with reality. Rodger and I cannot wait to see you!! 


  1. Hi Becca, well done on the blog. It was lovely to get such a detailed tour of your new house. Our house is always welcome for you too. I will look forward to any future blog posts. Love, Hannah x

    1. Hi Hannah, Thank you. I just may take up that offer-that's very kind of you. Hope you have fun reading what I get up too. Much loved, Becca

  2. Hi Becca, bril blog! It's nice to be able to picture you and yours in the new place. God bless for your new course. Fay xxx