Thursday, 29 September 2016

It was going to be a thoughtful blog post..............................................................

This is a bit different to my normal post where they show you something or I write something. Though I don't have the energy to write a nice neat post with wonderful and thoughtful writing or pictures. And it doesn't help that I am feeling rather homesick. So I am going to share you my songs that I am currently listening to on a repeat with a cup of coffee.  Or repeat over and over again as the rain beats against the window. Melodramatic? Who, me?!

My mind wanders to whenever I think of the word "home". Even though I have been visiting to Newcastle since I was little and never get homesick. I always felt like home when visiting my grandparents at North. However when I was visiting them I was only there for short while then back to Sandhurst to see my family and friends.  Though leaving your friends and family is difficult, despite having technology. IT'S NOT THE SAME AS SEEING THEM FACE TO FACE.

These are all totally personal, but I hope you can relate or perhaps find a new song to add to your own list of songs to listen to when you didn't make any friends that day and your family isn't on Sykpe and it's really cold and outside and your question "why you are doing any of this at all?"'s a list of songs to listen to when you're feeling homesick. Grab a coffee and listen to these songs with me.

I like the melody and just feel right at home.

This song is really emotional and very powerful because it talks about how a person feels after death of a loved one or someone whom you know very dearly.

This is a neo-traditional story song about a runaway teenage daughter and a loving father. Leaving a message of forgiveness on the family answering machine as the outbound greeting, urging her to return to her family, he hopes his daughter will hear it if she ever calls home. For me Sandhurst is home and Newcastle is still holiday location.

This song is more about the destination and the understanding that home is the place one truly belongs-even if one is not quite there yet. Which I what I am feeling like at the moment. In this touching story song, a foster child, single mother and older man all know they are still on the journey that will take them to the home that lies just ahead.

I love the last two songs and didn't feel the need to explain what the song is about.

Hope the songs aren't making you cry, for me I'm not crying. The onion cutting ninja's just appeared.

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