Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Monthly Musings: August

Here is me, in Newcastle China town
Normally when I do these monthly wrap up, I either write them out every Sunday so I all have to do is edit them and upload them.  Or look at my phone to remember what I did. But August was the month where Doc Brown was unable to make lightening strike the clock tower and I was stuck in 1985.

Just a random photo, to look at
My phone decided to delete all my 500 photos, some of which has been backed up onto DropBox which I have retrieved back onto my phone though they are tiny and when you enlarge them they just end up being blurry. This month I took lots of photos and been to see lovely things with the photography club. Which unfortunately you cannot see my amazing work. That will teach me to upload my photos from phone onto my laptop more regular. Surely! Though good news I have been using my digital camera and got good photos so you would get to see some of my amazing work just not variety of subjects,

This month has been very chaotic. One morning I was in South East of England same day just in the evening I was in a pub in North East of England. Beginning of August I thought about doing monthly musings by photos. And upload all my photos with captions saying what they are and write a tiny bit about them. Though that is not going to work. I could bore you by writing about each thing I did in August. Did you what that? Guess not.

I been going to a local photography club, I have been to,

  • Hancock museum looking at the wildlife exhibition
  • Seeing some derelict buildings which turned into going to Shibdon Pond which is a Local Nature Reserve.
  • Whitley bay seeing Saint Mary's lighthouse
  • Combine Harvester
  • Lisa's tea room
I have been visiting the next village next to Ryton which is Crawcrock and visiting the different cafes just because I can. Though my favorite one has to be the Ark followed by Lisa's tea room. I have been doing lots of walking. And finally got a Flickr account and getting my head around it.

My Mum and Dad went into town I decided to have my own little adventure in the rain by going to Path Head Mill at Blaydon. The original Mill was a corn mill founded in 1730, but by 1974 was a derelict (common theme here) with a 1930's farmhouse the only survivor. In 1992 the Vale Mill Trust was founded, and the 18th century watermill has been restored by them. The work has been done mostly by volunteers, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have been given opportunities and training to help them develop life skills and employment. 

During the bank holiday weekend the Tall Ships arrived to Blyth a few members of the photography club decided to wake up early beat the crowds and photograph the Tall ships I was one of them. And I manage to get some on my digital camera. And thought you might want to see some my photos. 

Look how tall they are!

Mind the blurriness

How is that for a swing! Just don't fall in the sea

A reflection photo

Here are some photos of combine harvesters

Combine Harvester is massive

Is it a combine harvester or a fish tank?


Anyone fancy sitting here? Or even driving it?

I think a black and white photo is very appropriate for the combine harvester. Don't you?

So are you pictured out now?

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