Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Facial recognition

I cannot recognize people; if I don't you very well or don't associate you with anything. So this why I mortally offend friends and
people recently. 

Someone saw me while I was cycling to college and they said hello, I thought they said 'hello' to someone else. They then said 'I saw you, I said hello.' My first thought was oops sorry, I offended you by accident what shall I say. So I said "I'm sorry, I can't see at the corner off my eye."  Which is partly true but not on this occasion it's more I couldn't recognize you and didn't know if you was talking or someone else. I think I got away with it.

I do say to people not to wave at me when they see me walking or cycling as I can't see in the corner of my eye and you are wasting your time. They some how believe that and don't wave at me no longer. If I am aware of surroundings and look around and recognize your car I sometimes to wave to people.

Someone saw me while I was Tesco's last Saturday with my grandparents, they tried to get my attention and try to talk to me. I had no idea who they were or if they were talking someone else, until I got back home after a gorgeous time with grandparents and they texted. Saying "Hi Rebekah, I see you at Tesco's this afternoon, and tried to get you attention but you ignored me. L****"

I must say this, I do recognize you if I see you enough time I get to know you and I will associate you with something. An example of this, I associate my friend Tia with colour black of course hats. Funny enough with Tia there is never a chance when you see her with not a hat.

This is the time where you might be might be thinking well what happens if I don't associate you or don't know. If you are in your normal surroundings such as college friends are in college. I will be alright, introuduce yourself with your name and I know I'm talking to. However if you're not in you normal surroundings where I normally see you, this is where I don't mean to ignore you. 

I don't mean offend anyone, unless I am in a heavy mood. In that case, I will just wave and have ear phones.

To your information, I suffer from prosopagnosia. This is where you have the inability to recognize faces. So for once, it isn't my fault.

If you're new to me and don't know you very well there are steps in order not get mortally offended. 1) Wear a name badge, so I know who you're. 2) Greet me with you name, on line off 'Hello, it's me Heather. How are you on this fine morning Rebekah?' I will be available to know whom you her and can tell if you're are talking to me or not. 3) If I don't recognize you, please don't take it to heart.

So if you do suffer from prosopagnosia or just can't recognize people. Don't worry you can smile politely at me as we try to work out where we know each other from , And I'll know there's at least one other person in the world whom I won't mortally offend.

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