Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Out and about

Saturday 13th June

A small rant here, my bike had a puncture not fun had to leg it to work with a bike.  Work was diabolical we had one customer that ordered a meal. I wiped the tables, clean the mirrors and pictures and wrapped cutlery plus emptied the ash trays and that was my work done.  I got sent home at 2:30 which is outrages what was the point of coming in?

I'm glad to say rant has finished.  The plan was to go to work and get my bike fixed. No! I had to walk all the way to Tia's house and pick her up and go to Crowthorne O.K. it wasn't  bad as we did go through the bypass. 

Dropped the bikes off then we went to Coasta got a drink and of course cake.  Who can resist? Tia and I popped in a charity shop, I had no intention to buy anything until I found Enid Byldon wishing chair books. I had to get them, even though I read them thousands of times and I got no room on my book shelf plus got other books my friends got me for my birthday.

We then had a go on the excersise things in Crowthorne. Which was good fun the swing was quite scary.
Tia on cross trainer 

Rebekah (me) on cross trainer

Sunday 13th June

I am suppose to be working today, but since yesterday was diabolical and I got told we had six bookings. So I might not bother coming in. I know that isn't the right work ethic. I'm hoping I can find suitable work that can fit around with college.

I took the day off this time I had no intention to do assignments. YES! It had to happen at some point. I had a great day with my friend Tia and her friend at the Heritage in Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst and what a beautiful day it was too for weather whys. 

In the morning we got dropped off at Crowthrone by my Mom&Dad save us from walking, got our bikes. We then waited for Tia friend at Tia's house and rode our bikes to Waitrose. I didn't realize how my old bike is so rubbish or my new bike is so good. 

We arrived at the Royal Military Academy, there was so many things you can do, unfortunately we couldn't do everything. The best bits was siting by the lake and watch the world go by, eating a fantastic curry, go into the Old college and have coffee and cake. You can see a theme here. 

Here are some photos of the events throughout the day.

Henna when dried
The beautiful lake.

This is when Tia and I was dressing up, well Tia was tidying her bedroom and found so many cool things. Here are the two best photos. 
Scary Person!!

Who agrees? I can't even recognise people on the street unless I associate them with a colour or something. For an example I associate my Mom with red. Tia you better not where that the next time we meet up otherwise I might not recognise you however if you wear a hat I will. 
Posh Rebekah.

I like these types of hats they look cool. I put it on and Tia just burst in laughter I couldn't work out why. Until Tia said "You look like you are going to the races!" Oh dear, I thought. Even more reasons why people are going to call me posh.
I conclude this amazing weekend with a quote spend with amazing friends. "A single rose can be in my garden...a single friend. MY WORLD. 

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