Monday, 31 August 2015

A weekend in a field

What comes to your mind, when you think about a bank holiday? Maybe it's never ending rain or maybe it's the traffic that just doesn't move. Well somehow that's what happened in our bank holiday weekend. Though it was worth it. I know, you think I've somehow gone mad. Well to sure you all folks, I haven't gone mad. I went to a show in Guildford called 'wings and wheels.'

Friday day was a bit eventful. I thought I can get myself sorted than help my parents to get the camping stuff in the car. Then set off, obviously read my book in the car. Get the tent out and everything in order then time for a quick wander. Well you know life. You try to plan what happens than life throws something back to you. Right!

You want to know what happened? Are you really sure you are ready? Friday morning I didn't get up till 11:00am least it's in the morning. Time to read my book. Put the oven on well more preheat the oven went to my friend's house. You can guess which friend. To give her a helping hand on the letter head. Then it was time to put my fish n chips in the oven. Time to read a bit of my book. Ate my luncheon then made  cup of coffee then pack my things then just about to come downstairs then my parents came back from work. Then Mom noticed that two of the plates are not in the crate so off I went to Tia's (This was the friend that I gave a helping hand on the letter head.) To ask if I can have the plate back. Forget my phone so couldn't let my parents know it will take a while to get the plate back. Got the plate and found the other plate in the cupboard. Then it was time to get everything in the car. It amazes me how much stuff you need to bring for camping but not just that how it fits everything in. It was a bit cramped in the back so no reading a book. Found a pitch in a middle of a field. Got the tent up and everything we need from the car in the tent. Time for a drink and explore the campsite well more a field. Then time to make dinner in moon light. Nope that was not a exaggeration. So that is what life throws at you.

Time to get wet

Saturday morning was great. Glorious sun beaming down from the sky to our backs. We watched plans. Some of them you could hear before you see them. Then it was time to grab some lunch one foot in the tent it started pouring with rain. When you are in the tent, the tent makes it a lot worse then it is. After a wonderful lunch we walked towards the show. You could hear the Vulcan before you see. Unfortunately we were surrounded by trees, some trees had a bit of space between each trees so if we were lucky we
could peek through and see the Vulcan.

Time to see some planes but the rain just wouldn't go away. Did you know that rain is evil? Time for red arrows. Our spirit was not dampen by rain, red arrows did a fantastic display. As always! 

Time for sun!

What is that yellow circle thing, in the sky? Never came across that before Shhh before you scare it away. So Sunday was a bit like Saturday spotting planes in the sky and trying to identify them before the commentates did. Further more walk around the show ground were we didn't explore Saturday. Guess what! I got another book, not just an ordinarily book a singed book. 

Photos time for plans

Wing walkers
Tiger turbulent team 

Chinook helicopter

Photos of the red arrows

Time for cars

Trouble makers car

Follow the leader but cars version

Purple Royce Rolls
So that was summary of the wet bank holiday weekend. Is that the rain stopped, I see there. I better do some weeding in the backyard. 


  1. Hi Rebekah. Sorry it's been a while since I commented on your blog. Your writing is so witty. Never knew you had such a talent towards writing since last year you kept calling words evil. I wonder if words are cool now.

    You ought to do camera techniques as your photos are so stunning especially the red arrows. What a hidden talent you have.You always surprise me.

    Keep surprising me Rebekah. Maybe your new nickname should be fireworks.
    Love from your great Crazy Rachel xxxoooxxooxo

    1. Rachel. You missed a word between your and great. I think the word is friend. Maybe you need some English lessons.

      Hey you do English.


    2. I know it is a bit of a time lapse, Rebekah. But I actually think you need English lessons. I think you were meant to say 'I have missed friend between great and crazy' Rachel