Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I wonder if there is such a thing called called a smart drug

We all been there haven't we.

Have you heard of smart drugs before?

No! Me either, until my lecturer for English was going to look for an article for one our read and response coursework. I thought I would tell you my opinion about this drug. Plus I have not been blogging for ages. I am not good at this, been busy with assignments. I know not very good excuse. That is what a student life's, assignments and more assignments oh and drinking never ending coffee and eating far too much chocolate

Smart drug! They are drug and make you smart is what you maybe thinking well I know I was thinking that when my lecturer first mentioned it to me. So here is me thinking why do we need to take this drug when our brain contains 90ish billion neurons it is the complex known object in the universe.  Interesting fact one in five academics have used smart drugs according to Nature Survey 2010. 

You maybe thinking why would a student want to take this so-called smart drugs? It is to believe that having this drug makes you think and concentrate more. Now I am always thinking when I do not want to be like going to bed get such a great idea either for blogging or even for college. Concentration sounds such a great benefit especially if you are like me you tend to procrastinate mine is not based on Technology otherwise I would install an app on my laptop for me to stop that. Mine is by colouring in or even reading such a good book. 

The world's first smart drug was Modafinil and the effects were 'low risk' only if it is taken in short term O.K. this is to good to be true there is always effects on every drug even medical ones. Dig deeper in my internet research and found them, the side effects can include; insomnia, headaches, and potentially dangerous skin rashes and there is a lack of long-term data. 

I am not going to try this drug but looked online for someone who did and shared their story on the internet. I found that while taking drug it can lead to a boost of working hours and actually lead to not procrastinating but the drugs to seemed to kick in when you do not want them like 8;00pm when you just want sleep or read a good book or even watch TV and also this person had to endure lots of headaches. This drug is definitely not for me, I like to sleep when I can and read books. But stopping procrastinating sounds good. Not the other things outweigh this one and only benefit so I would not be taking this drug. Instead I will find a way to tackle this problem of mine. 

I know a lot of students maybe even me on a few occasions stay awake all night just to do an assignment. No way am I telling you to do your assignments on the night it is due in. But smart drugs to make you awake but is that what coffee does? 
Drinking  huge amounts of caffeine consumption gives you the same benefits as taking smart drug but the only real difference is that we know we the effects of caffeine. 

So I conclude with this we use coffee to stay awake, good food and nutrition to stay healthy and alert. But if there was a drug that made you smarter, helped you learn, and made you more focused, would you take it? My answer is simply NO! More detailed answer to that question is no, because you are not showing integrity and if you do take this smart drug would you have to carry on taking this drug for the rest of your life just to carry on the benefits. So what is you answer to that question? Pop it downstairs in the comment bit. 


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