Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Long awaited post about Christmas 2015

That is if you can remember that long back with the lovely roast dinner, presents under the Christmas tree or even in stockings. When you wake up, you smell coffee being made for you. Oh what a lovely day.

I totally forget to take any photos with my family opening presents or even ask them to take a photo of me. So I am sorry this post is going to be all writing and maybe a few odd images from Google. Good old Google.

As you remember my post titled Christmas Scribbles, you would know I am not very excited about Christmas.

You imagine Christmas as chidren waking up early rushing downstairs and get Mom and Dad out of bed. To the matter of fact it is the other way around. Yep that is right! Mom and Dad got me up to go downstairs to open presents.

Did you have a tame Christmas? Oh just me then.

No Christmas parties to attend no Nativity plays to be in. I actually miss doing them. That for me summaries Christmas especially when you are counting the days to playing the Nativity and celebrating Jesus our saviour. That is the real Christmas. As you see I am very passionate about the real story of Christmas. Last Christmas I gave my heart to someone special. No! I meant to say last Christmas was the one that I was not prepared no Christmas cards for friends last minute rush for getting Christmas presents but one thing I have done right for a normal grand Christmas is eating lots of Chocolate and of course Mince Pies. I do not normally like Chocolate but a lot of our friends gave a lot of chocolate which are so tasty though you only need a few. Or one for Mom and one for Dad and the whole box for me? Hmmmm, I will let you decide on that one.

This is the one the cake that I was going to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Believe it or not! I was going to make a Christmas cake and upload it to this blog since I have not baked for a long time. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Annoying assignments getting in the way. Of course always this year. Though do not get your hopes ready for the amazing, fantastic Christmas cake. It might just be a special one that my Mom gets from a supermarket.  I am sure it was still taste good.

Christmas day is a very laid back day. For me it is a long I can sleep till I get a kick out of bed. Open presents and have a good breakfast. My Mom tried a fantastic recipe where you put salmon in a dish with egg and bake in the oven. Yummy!! Then it is a case of getting ready and phoning my family, our family live everywhere in the UK. Well, it sounds like it. So we do not get an opportunity to spend every single family member at Christmas. We have a social gathering with friends who is the same boat as we are in. And come back home and see who can fall asleep the fastest. Normally me!! Have a bite to eat, those chocolate look nice. One minute they are on the table next minute they are in our tummies, Then in the evening comes our roast christmas dinner. Then sleep. And that is our Christmas day all wrapped up.

How was your Merry Christmas?

Oh and Happy New Year to my readers. Not very good with this Happy New Year thing.

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