Saturday, 14 January 2017

My first run this year

I did it! OK it was a start. It wasn't difficult to run 15 seconds and walk a minute and repeat this ten times. Though imagine yourself not knowing your area and yet you decided to run.  Never mind it's dark and cold. I got lost though managed to find my surroundings by a MacDonald's. Thank goodness I brought no money otherwise I would go there and have coffee and anything that looks nice. I did had a porridge after my shower.

Yes I only done one run this week because it happened to be snowing on Thursday morning therefore no run on Friday. I do have common sense, only a little bit though. Next week I would do more running, well that is the plan.

I have also registered the park run which I will be doing next Saturday at nine. No more lie ins for me, Not even my Sunday as I wake up early to go to church. Never mind. The great north run is partly completed just have to pay. Put the 10th September in your diaries as that is when I doing the half marathon.

I ordered my self a new fitbit as mine decided to break well you can still use it though it is an air bubble. My Dad got its eye on. Maybe I could add my Dad as friends on Fitbit. I could have a healthy competition too see who take most steps for the day.

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