Sunday, 29 January 2017

I made it out of bed to run a park run

Excuse my posing skills. Though pleas bear in mind this is me after run a 5k!

I'm writing this post and my body is rejoicing "that was good, Rebecca. But why do it again?"

Yeah, come out of nice warm bed to run a 5k in the early morning when most people are still in bed. Doesn't sounds appealing, does it?  What about the coffee and cake afterwards? That does. OK you might just put back on the calories that you burned during the run. Though surely that doesn't matter. Once now and again you have to treat yourself. Especially if you are like me coming out of bed when its a nice and warm,  turn that annoying buzzing sounds, is not a nice morning! Actually I don't have that buzzing noise to wake up. I have the Sherlock Holmes theme tune to look forward to wake up to, And my Fibit buzzes on my wrist 30 minutes after. I have to have a bit of lean way, after all its winter. Cold winter.

I'm afraid to say I actually got lost on my way to the Exhibition park where the parkrun takes places. I'm sure I am known in Newcastle "The girl in the Blue coat with coffee take out cup and a map is once again lost" You have to get lost in order to get to know the place. Don't you?

Though I managed to find someone who goes to the parkrun and they walked me to the start line. I then find two new runners. Which is also their first park run and one of them live around a corner from me. Yeppe!! It's a small world isn't. We actually run together then separated for a bit we tried to get back together though doesn't help that the last 100 meters I sprinted. When I say I sprinted like Usain Bolt. Well not that fast, but you get the generally idea.

I am only on my week 3 workout two so I know I won't be able to run a 5k in 20 minutes which I used to be able to do. Though I am alarmed to tell you I actually done  5k in 37 minutes. Now that does deserved coffee and a flapjack.

So why do it again? Because it was good fun surprising myself. When someone say's you can't do that? Why not? Prove them wrong. Getting out of bed into the cold morning was good fun seeing Newcastle when no one is around. Walking on Grey Street without people bumping into. Running in the cold hearing your footsteps and hearing someone footsteps behind you actually makes you want to run faster so they do not over take you. I'm not competitive. (Maybe a little)

Right enough of me bragging. I'm getting off my bed to do some yoga to ease my muscles a bit.

How's your New Year's resolution doing? Have you broke them yet?


  1. Go Rebecca! I wish you every success for your training and I am sure you would run a 5k in 20 minutes no time. Moreover, yes you are competitive more than you admit, Rebecca. Happy running, Cherry