Monday, 9 January 2017

Normal New Year stuff

You know the drill! Every year people make new year's resolutions. Though how many of us actually met our goal at the end of the year? I didn't last year. Don't give me that look. It's not normal in life to move twice. Or why move once within two months when you can move twice.

I haven't been running for ages. I keep saying to myself "I'm going to run and even to a 5K sometime." Yet something happens and I put it in the back seat. Something comes along and running just get abandoned. I am determined to stop this habit of mine. Yet, I left running in the backseat. Thanks to the Great North Run email saying its time to subscribe. I got eight months to train from nothing to run a half marathon. Maybe you could call a bit crazy? I totally agree with you. 

Though I haven't been running for a long time. The last I did some serious running was when I was in Ryton. I'm determined to get back into running. I thought about how to do this. Every week, I'm going to upload my progress for running. OK, maybe not every week.  Though I am a people pleaser and going to use this in my advantage for once. I hate letting people down. The plan is do couch to 5K then attend the park run for a 5K then plan for a 10K then do a race for a 10K then train for a half marathon then my finish line (no pun intended) to do the Great North run. How hard can it be? 

So I'm going to do more running, while you are going to keep reading.

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