Friday, 8 April 2016

Chocolate and what cake

That must chocolate and avocado cake.

I remember watching the movie Matilda as a child and being both jealous of and disgusted by the little boy was forced to eat chocolate cake as punishment for a petty crime he didn't commit. The glory was raised up on a pedestal-so thick, decadent and fudgy. I wanted to be right there along with him, fork in hand, shovelling in bite after bite as the crowd cheered "Bruce, Bruce, Bruce!" (and, Rebekah, Rebekah, Rebekah). But we don't get everything we want as a child, just like I never got that fancy notebook Penny always carried around in Inspector Gadget I had rough childhood, clearly.

But when you grow up you realize many things, like children really don't get punished in real life with chocolate cake, it will feel better when it stops hurting (so said my Grandfather), and eating mass amounts of cake will get you nowhere good (so says my mother). But the funny thing is, despite having the realization, the craving chocolate cake (and lots of it) doesn't go away. It's simply accompanied by a guilt fairy that flutters around your head saying "Fatty McFatterson Two Face" as you shovel in colossal bites.

My solution? Make the cake healthy with things like banana, avocado, honey and oat flour. Then you can flick the fairy away and say "Nuh Uh, stupid face. It health food." Problem rectified. Ugh, I hate bossy fairies.

My Mum had an avocado that needs to be used up. I would like to do baking since every holiday my tradition is to bake something. I had a dilemma either make avocado mouse. Or make a chocolate cake. Maybe one day make avocado mouse today the chocolate cake one won. But if you want to make chocolate mouse. Decisions, decisions.

I never have any recipes to follow as such just look up random recipes and make sense of them and getting creative in the kitchen. Is baking cooking or more science? I think it is more science and improvisation.

Recipe time


  1. 1 large ripe avocado (150g)
  2. 300g muscovado sugar
  3. 350g self-raising flour
  4. 50g coco powder
  5. 150g melted chocolate (though I get extra as I like eating chocolate when the rest is melting)
  6. 400ml of milk
  7. 150ml sunflower oil

  • Head over to 180C. Grease your baking tins and if do have baking parchment then draw around the cake tin and cut it and put it in the tin otherwise you would have to wash it up which takes a lot of effort. Though a great excuse to not do your assignment. Put the avocado and the sugar in a food processor and whizz until smooth. Add the rest of the cake ingredients a bowl put the avocado mixture in the bowl with the melted chocolate and use the electric hand mixer to mix the batter with. Until it is to a velvety, liquid batter. Divide the mixture between the tins and bake for 20 minutes or until well risen and a skewer inserted into the middle of the cakes comes out clean. Then you can like the bowl, no one is watching nor judging.
  • Cool in the tins for 5 minutes then turn the cakes onto a rack to cool completely.
  • I didn't meant to make a sandwich cake. I went to the corner shop to see if they still sell chocolate fudge so I could put that into the middle. And no they didn't, left my phone out home. OH NO! So I improvised and picked up double cream and chocolate. No! I am not crazy but I can whisk the double cream and melt the chocolate and they you go. If you get extra cream you could put it in coffee. So yummy.
  • I haven't ate the cake otherwise my parents won't get to see my master piece. Furthermore if it so tasty, I might eat the whole lot and Dad won't get any. So for now you can admire the pictures. And I write what I think about the cake in the comment section, also my Dad thoughts about it. since he wasn't keen on the Cucumber cake. Hopefully he would like this one if not then a whole cake to myself which I won't be complaining about.

Picture time

Ingredients with a few missing
Who says I can't get chocolate everywhere?

These beautiful cakes are resting and cooling
I could get away it! (maybe not)
Don't worry folks I didn't eat it all I put it in the microwave least's it wasn't in the oven

Ah you probably want to know the oven story. Well Mum was making a surprise chocolate cake for my Dad the best idea my Mum had was to put it in the oven. The same day she used the oven preheated it without checking. You can guess what probably happened? Yes I am afraid my Dad smelled something burning. Mum forget to check to see what is in the oven. This was before I was born and we don't let me Mum forget. Every time you use the oven you have to check even you, you never know what might be lurking in the oven.


  1. This cake is so tasty and rich and brownie textures even my Dad agreess which is result. Look like I have to share.

  2. Great post .Still a child though. Lovely recipe.