Thursday, 14 April 2016

Do I stay or move?

Decision, decisions. We all make them, don't we? Mine is whether to stay or go? Nope sorry it is not to move to a different country but whether to move to Newcastle with my parents or stay in the South East with my grandparents. On top of that decision I am thinking of changing course. Well firstly moving to Newcastle means saying good byee to my family and friends in the South East but saying a HELLO to my family in Newcastle.

Sometimes you come to a crossroads in life. Sometimes you come to a mass of decisions which feels more like Swindon's magic roundabout.

South East of England has its good point like going to London when you want within an hour if you are luckily more like two. Guess what! People who live up in the North of England want to move to Berkshire who doesn't when Wokingham has the lowest premature mortality rates of all local authorities in England, with 200 death, under the age of 75 per 100,000 (Manchester, which came out worst, had 455). Surely it is enough to make you want to pack up, or move to a Berkshire market town and take you chances? Well more for me to stay put.
OK, now if it was entirely up to me where I would live, it would certainly be in Texas only because England has a population density of about 990 people per square mile. Did you know that? According to the Telegraph England is the most crowded country in Europe whereas, Texas has an average density of 87 per square mile, less than a tenth. In general the quality of life is probably better. You can get more for your money and it's all that bit more relaxed. Besides, it's nice to see a new part of the world. Right! Well least's I can dream.

Shall I get real?
On the other hand, if I was going to move them it is going to be tough being far away from family and friends. Well the advantages for moving up to Newcastle is seeing my grandparents on my Mum's side more often than I have been. Also seeing the architecture Newcastle has the best streets in the UK, Grey Street; it also has the highest ratio of Grade 1 and 11 buildings as a proportion of all out listed buildings. Who can argue with the great Jon Betjeman who rated Newcastle's Grey Street over London's Regent Street for its majesty and perfection? Surly Newcastle must have the best quality of live there's so much more to the city than its international party reputation, although they are immensely proud of it as well. But where else can you surf in the morning at Blue Flag beaches and in the afternoon be skiing up at Weardale in the Pennines, not to mention the staggeringly beautiful Northumbrian coastline. World Heritage site of Hadrian's Wall and Durham Cathedral and Harry Potter's castle, aka Alanwick Castle, all within a short distance away.

All I know is that I have to exit soon of the Swindon magic roundabout. Do I stay in the South East of England or do I move to Newcastle.

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