Sunday, 3 April 2016

Monthly mustings: March

It going to be a bit different layout this month. A) because I forgot to take any pictures. B) otherwise it would take a lot of time to actually remember what I did this month and before you know it the next month arrives.

So we waved goodbye to march. Spring sadness more like it. Had bad news after each other. So here is the bullet points of what happened in March.

1) Several lunch out with grandparents, very yummy to.
2) I had an English speaking and listening exam. Which I think didn't go to well. Not into speaking very much.
3) My friend got a new mini. Lucky thing. So the day after she got it she keeps identifying which mini is which. It is so surprising by how many mini's there are when you point them out. I'm sure we keep seeing the same ones.
4) Been playing mind trap over the days in the March and now banned from playing it with my friends since I keep getting the answers right. (Anyone up do playing mind trap?)
5) Been doing assignments and getting good rambling on about nothing but not getting good at getting to the point.
6) Having lovely walks in the afternoon when the sun is out.

So that is my summary of March. Maybe April would be a bit better.

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