Sunday, 24 April 2016

Paths of life

You know where you have that decision to make? It can be difficult to know which path to take all of them look so scary and people surrounding you say "It's easy pick this path."

Do you turn back to the path that made you here.  Do you carry going ahead? Do you turn left to the unknown? Do you turn right? Because obviously that path is right. So many paths that can lead to your desired to goal if you want them to do be but so many obstacles in the way.

There are paths that have a gate which could be potentially be risky. You have this gate that stops you right in your  tracks. What do you do? Do you listen to what people around to you are saying even though it is completely different to what you want to do. Do you just say, fine I am gong to climb over this gate and get to where I want to be? When you can easily see climbing  over the gate is scary, what happens if it doesn't go where you want it to lead. But you can see a nice clean path in the distance just after the gate.

Or you could just follow the path that you went on to reach this cross roads? That way you can re-direct yourself to your ultimate goal.

Oh heck, this path has an incline. Why would anyone explore this path?  An incline you keep repeating yourself over and over again like you making yourself turn around and starts look at other paths with no incline.  I'm certainly not strong enough to climb this hill and the other hill in the distance you say yourself.

Oh look here is a bench you could sit on because you climbed the incline and you need a reality
check for yourself. Are you really making a good choice? What happens if I am not? Well explore the other paths surrounding that area. And you learned you are strong enough to climb over that incline.

But look how much you done and the view. Was the incline really worth it?

See you're not alone making all of this hard decision some else is sitting on that bench and looking at how much progress they made. You never know you may spur each other long in each other path of life.

Life doesn't wait
After my walk
I left a new perspective in my mind
life waits for no one
if yours isn't going the way you want it to
if you aren't pursuing what you want to pursue
if you wake up with immedate dread
constantly saddened by the hours ahead
moving through the days
feeling lost, heart in a haze
holding back what you want to say
waiting to be yourself another day
your dreams and desires put on hold
to be fulfilled, maybe when you're old
you aren't living your life
eventually is not okay
why tomorrow when there is today?

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