Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Monthly musings: January

It's been a quiet month that hasn't ended up being hectic. Which is fantastic. If you read the comments or have a good eye for detail you probably wondering "When is Rebecca, posting a blog about New year Weekend." Well when I say it's been quiet its understatement, I have been busy but nothing out of the ordinary. Plus it would be boring to read the ins and out of a weekend that has got no pictures. Right? Thought so.

It was a chance to meet up with everyone that I went dancing with and that I meet up now and then for lunch out with my two close friends Crazy Rachel and Cherry. We had the New Year weekend away in the Lake District by the Windermere. As in December Fenicks window at Northumberland street (Newcastle town) had a lovely display  of Beatrix Potter. During the festive period I just admire the music and the display everyday when I had a chance and not many people were around. It was lovely catching up with people that I haven't seen for ages. In fact one them is studying in Northumbria university so had a lovely lunch out every now and then. 

January is a weird month, everyone gets so excited and trying to be a better person. I'm included and trying to train the great north run unfortunately my stomach muscles are lacking a bit. I need to improve my core strength. You just think in order to run a half marathon you just need to practice running. Turns out that you need to do stretching and do a full workout, sit ups, push ups and plank. Though having a step back is normal so hopefully I get back in the cold to start running again.

I kicked off the year by seeing The Kite Runner in the West End. I fell in love with the film and the book a few years ago, and it seems like such a timely story given that a lot of the ugly racism we're seeing stems from not understanding one another. In the cinema, I watched and loved La La Land and Hidden Figures. My first book of the year was Stephen King's On Writing.

It's going to be a short monthly wrap up. 

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