Friday, 17 February 2017

Another running event

Does that not give you an idea?

Does ask me to translate it, i'm no good at Geordie than you are. Though what I do know is that I am running Blaydon race (10K). In total I am running 3 events this year. I am doing Blaydon race, 10K in July as part of the great north run and of course the great north run. So not only I have to train for running the half marathon I have to learn the song.

On that note, i'm off learning the song. Sorry friends and family you may have this song in your head.


  1. Way to go, Rebecca! I read an article yesterday saying that is the most difficult race to enter as you have to enter at 7:00 but if you get in the queue twenty minutes before you get a better chance. But you are the most determined person I know therefore is not surprising you got a place. You just have to put foot in front of the other! All the best in your running journey, Cherry

  2. Hi Rebecca, Onwards and upwards!Just keep using 'Mantra' one of them I use is, "I am strong enough to keep going." You can also get a running mantra bracelet. Just savour each memory of your running race. You never know, I will see you at the starting line doing a marathon. Krystal-Rose