Thursday, 16 February 2017

Just keep running

Or should I say "Just keep swimming" The phrase is not mine it's from our little fish friend Dory. I still haven't watched the film Finding Dory.

I was getting used to my walk and run drills with my zombies training and getting chased by zombies. I am now on week four on my running to 5k plan. This week has put me where I just starting running for my first ever time. I wasn't doing my normal walk and run drill oh no! It was more complex than that. It went something like this:
1) 5 minutes walking
2) 5 minutes free form run (which I ran the whole time)
3) 1 minute slow walk and then 1 minute fast walk then 10 kneel lifts. Oh and repeat that five times. See it's not that hard.

I want to run, i kept saying myself

Now it's time for some running.

1) 30 seconds s-l-o-w run
2) 1 minute walking
Then repeat that 5 times, oh and running up an hill. Hills are evil. Even cycling up then and running. Walking is bearable. If that is such thing.

Now it's time to do some serious running, 15 minutes free form running. OK, maybe I spoke to early about I want to run. My legs were aching and moaning. Though I just had the scene from finding nemo where Dory says 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming' So I kept saying to myself keep running, keep running.

The more steps I take the more badges I get on my Fitbit. I am not obsessed with my fitbit.

On that note, I am off either for a run or a walk to get my 10,000 badge.  Told you, I'm not obsessed with Fitbit.

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