Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Running is my rescue

Running is a simple! All you need is running shoes and you are off to go, not only that you can do it anywhere. You don't need good countryside to run in and admire the landscape. Nope you can just admire the sound off you footsteps. Or even seeing traffic and you are passing each car by your own footsteps. (Something that doesn't happen up here a lot)

In fact, most of my creative ideas and random thoughts (including this blog post) have come to be while on a run. I like to give my mind the freedom to wander. Thoughts come and go, and for whatever reason, my mind seems to be able to reach and explore areas that i'm not capable of finding when not running.

Though not all runs turn out great, some of them I am mainly walking. But today, I was running and really full of energy even took pictures. As I just got back from running, this is going to be a quick post, as I'm going to have a bath and read my book maybe even use candles.

My feet stick the black rubber
Its like some kind of magnetic tape
Day after day, it pulls me back
For not only does my body demand it,
but my heart yearns for it
Its the cure to all pain and the rescue from all fear
It there when I need it, even if I choose not to feed it
When I want it, I get it, but never abuse it
It never talks back nor says I'm stupid 
Its always there for every stride and every cry
Its my track and I know I'll never lose it

Just a short  poem about my love for running. How it's the most dependable thing I've got. Friends may come and go, but running will always be a part of me.

Photos time, (not all of these photos was taken this evening, but they have been taken while running)

Oh pretty sky, 


Not to sure, what these flowers are, though they look lovely

I just missed the sunset, but a lovely MR sunshine just about to do his disappearing act

This sort of represents the running wall, oh and the shadow is me

my delicious snack, cup of coffee and peanut crackers and chocolate spread. 

By eating those tasty crackers, got me to do to this!!!!!!!!!!

Now i'm off in my lovely bath, reading "Reading in bed" Yes that is the title so don't worry you haven't read wrong. 

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