Friday, 10 March 2017

Not the blog post I was intending to post

Sometimes my mind and my fingers aren't not on the same page and it's one of those days. So you might wish to read this post and ponder about Lent and Easter. Maybe soon, my mind and fingers are going to be on the same page.

What is Easter all about and why do lent?

If you ask children this question you might get random answers.You might get an answer of pancakes, well they are tasty aren't they. My favorite topping is maple syrup and a bit of apple. Then you have easter eggs. Oh and don't forget hot cross buns! Though they must be a significant reason why we celebrate easter apart from the food we eat.

So why do we celebrate easter, you may be asking. It’s  the time of year when we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The word ‘lent’ as come from an Anglo Saxon word ‘Lenten’ which means spring. Lent represents the 40 day period of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Lent runs from Ash Wednesday the Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). Many people, rather than fasting food completely, fast from a pleasure, desserts or watching TV. What are you giving up for lent?

My answer to that, is nothing. Not because I’m perfect, or a perfect Christian. But my experience is that my energy is solely on not having this one desired thing. For me, i’m bad with a cup of tea and coffee. So the 40 days, I am focusing on coffee and tea. Which isn’t the right way to go about lent. Is it?

I bet you didn’t know this, in some churches, some of the decorations are removed during lent such as flowers, as a sign of grieving. Lent is never mentioned in the Bible. Maybe you call me an evangelical Christian, I recognise that because Jesus has died for us, we no longer have to be mournful and sad, and we definitely don’t need to do anything to earn forgiveness!

You might be saying to yourself, I hope. What you are saying, Rebecca. That Jesus death was pleasant. Of course not, yes, Jesus’ death was horrible and unpleasant, but it was also victorious and life-giving! Yes, we should be repentant  of our sin, but we do not need to dwell in it any longer.

So no, you do not have to celebrate Lent, and in fact some ways of making Lent may in fact be unhelpful for your walk with God. So the answer to my previous question about having 40 days focusing on coffee and tea, is that the right way about participating lent? Didn’t think so, either.

See that? That’s the end of your nose. Any maybe just a short space in front of it. Pretty easy to focus on that isn't it? What does lent mean for you? Is it focusing on your nose? Is it focusing on your desired beverage or food? Thank you, it’s about Jesus.

I might not be giving up something this year for lent. Though I am doing lent in a very unique manner. Some of you have good eye to detail and looked at my card. No don’t worry, I won’t be asking you make cross stitch cards. Maybe you are like me , you give up something you like and your attention for 40 days is that one thing. I am urging you to do not that. As we discovered this morning that lent is about Jesus. Jesus loves us no matter what. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gives a bit of love now and then. Which is why, I am doing lent in a strange way by doing something thoughtful to a person. It could be a simple as holding a door for someone. It could be a big kindness by asking someone on the street that you believe is homeless and ask them if they would a like of tea.  Or it could be just you want to show your friend how much they are appreciated by sending them a card or give them a call.

During lent, make sure you are focusing on Jesus!


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