Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Did I say not get used to two poems?

Writing block!

I can not write a poem; my brain feels fried.
It can do no more.
It is as though all my creativity has been trapped, isolated in a room without a door.

I fell no inspiration, no ideas are coming to mind.
And as I type on the laptop, I can form no words on the lines. 

When I think I'm finally on to something it quickly leaves my brain.
Leaving me frustrated and thinking this is all in vain. 

So I'm sorry if you wanted to hear a poem that surprised or shocked
but I just can't give you one, for I have 

I don't think I need to tell you my inspiration for the poem.  You can work it out by the title and of course the poem itself.  

If you really can't . Then read on. I got no inspiration to write a poem that's not too deep. Last week you had a deep poem. This blog is not meant to be depressing.  

Your third Wednesday in a row for two poems. It's coming a tradition to have two poems in one writing Wednesday post. Normally the poems link to each other this time it doesn't. Also it's a bit deep than normal, so if you aren't into deep things. Then wait for next writing Wednesday.

The ugly and the beauty in real life


These all part of real life.
All part of everyday life.
Part of the life we live.
Part of life that shall never change.

Real life is no game.
Real life is dangerous.
Real life brings pain.
Real life brings fear.
Real life isn't easy.

Real life is the world and the world is real life.
Real life is full of sorrow and hate.
For real life brings joy and happiness.
Also brings betrayal and death.
Real life is precious and won't last for ever.
So Enjoy real life as long as you can .
Before its gone and never comes back

I'm having a very hard time in life, and been wondering what it would be like when things that are hard are no longer with us. And this poem was result. Just because your life is hard at the moment doesn't mean it will last. It's a lot easier to say then actually believe. The important message I'm trying to say is enjoy real life as long as you can before it goes. 

Next writing Wednesday poem should be a lot more brighter. 

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