Thursday, 6 August 2015


I am up when the sun is down
The whole house is sleeping but not me
All I hear is the ticking sound
Of a clock that tell me it is time to sleep
But my rhythm is in another world
Like let's say UK
And now this girl
Can't separate night from day

So what do I do?
What I do best
I will write a poem
And then get some rest

I will try again and again
Till the morning is here
Itchy eyes tomorrow
And a yawn, I will share

But  I am on my way
CauseI feel it is time
To dream, so I say
My friends, good night!

I don't think I need to tell you my inspiration here. I think you can work it out by the poem title and of course the poem.  

If you can't.  Then read on. I'm on holiday with a different time zone and couple of nights when the whole house is sleeping I can't because my body rhythm is not working with the time zone. Other words I'm suffering from jetlag.


  1. This poem is absolutely amazing. Your poems keep getting better every writing Wednesday. Hope you're having a great holiday. And I will look forward to the post about your another holiday. From your two friends Crazy Rachel and Cherry.

    1. Both of you are great friends. I don't think this is a good poem. But not bad since I did it in the middle of the night.