Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Am I missing writting assignments?

I am finding it difficult to sleep at nights.  My mind buzzing with thoughts and feelings. I overcame this in college term by doing my assignments. Now college finished, I got no more assignments to do.  With assignments I had to research something and put it into my word format and of course in my own words. 
Am I missing doing assignments? At the time I thought there were annoying never ending. Maybe I loved writing, it would explain why they were incredibly  long. 
So I was thinking.  I should really invent some writing time in the evenings when I just can't sleep. Then popped in my head was writting Wednesday. So every Wednesday I will post something that I wrote not entirely sure what. Maybe short stories.  This is more for me you might have fun reading too.
Don't worry my fellow friends. I will still be posting other things that I do. You will get two post per week. At the moment, may change when I'm back at college.
You just got to watch this space for writting Wednesday. 

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