Monday, 27 July 2015

Why I love friends (And You Should, Too!)

It wasn't till on Saturday when my Grandma goes 'What have you been up to?' Till I realized I spend the whole week meeting up with my friends. And I treasure those memories that I get to see them. As during college my main focus on holidays is to get majority of the assignments done.

Have you got a brain?

Well, I met up with Tia in the morning to do something. Then I know Lawrence has got a half day at sixth form so why not have picnic. Before I know it, Emily was there and Lydia. All my friends in one hit. Well! What a day. So we played card games, first game was go fish. You know the game where you ask people for a card and if they have it you get the card/s or if they don't they say go fish and you pick a card? Well, I get lucky sometimes and when I ask people if they have card I get three cards. We then played a game that Tia learned us to play. Then we played a game of cheat, now this game isn't my cup of tea. Why does my family have a gene to make facial expressions when we are lying? Not good. Then we played uno. 

Enough of playing card games. Lets play something else. Well when I was in USA in Easter Sarah and Robert played a game called mind trap. I also found that game at home. That is exactly what we played with. What a game! Tia and Lawrence was team Pebbles and Emily and I were team Emily while Lydia was the Quiz master. It definitely made us think outside the box. One of the questions was this 'A women from New York married ten different men that city, yet she did not break any law. none of the men died, and she was not divorced. How was this possible? So many answers can solve this. The women was a minster. Now see if you have a brain. How many three cent stamps are in a dozen? Put your answer downstairs in the comment box. You will just have to wait until next week for the answer. No cheating! 

I am glad to announce team Emily won!
  • So what memories is there from today? Well a lot, you got Lydia and her rubik's cube. Lydia was so determined to get it done. Lawrence not got with times it thought he finished it at 12:15 but actually he finished at 1:15. Well that just means we eat the food before he joins us. Emily made Tia laugh by looking at her. Tia and her marvelous secret sauce which is great for dipping bread in. Now what did I do? I played with the impuzzlable. 

Lunch club

I helped out with lunch club from my church that I sometime attend. It was good fun helping. Most of the cooking was done so I just helped out by setting out the tables and chairs and of course washed up. It was great to talk to my friends that I don't get to see that often either from church club or just the church. Just because you don't see them often doesn't mean they are forgotten. That works on both sides. 

We then had the quiz. It wasn't our normal quiz book which I call evil because I can't get them all wrong. But this quiz book was definitely triple evil as I got none right. Then we did who wants to a millionaire worksheet now this was the one I like as I got 7/14 not bad. 

I than read my book, then just checked my Skype messages as you do. Then I saw Tia saying 'Are you free? I need help on my application.' So Tia dropped by at my house and I helped Tia get some ideas on how to answer the questions. It was a great pleasure to help someone out, I didn't think I was doing much by shortening the question out and ask mini ones but Tia was grateful. 

  • So what memories is there from today? Well the funny thing was that Tia picked a leaflet up about open gardens at the same time as Tia was talking about the plan for job hunting and I said at the wrong time I forgot about that? Tia just being Tia. 

Job hunt time

If you been reading my post from the start you all know how I despite my job. Well all my other friends need or would like a job so we walked to Camberley got a Job Vacancies list then it was time for lunch. We went to KFC and then put a start or a symbol on the jobs we would like to do, with mine there was pattern forming I was putting stars on coffee jobs. Then we went to Water-stones and Tia dropped her application off while I was talking to someone in Water-stones about Go set a watchmen. A lot of my friends read classics I read a few and enjoy reading them, so I got the book that my friends been persuading me to read since last year and it was to kill a mockingbird I nearly finished, it was a good read. So thanks for my friends to have the patience and I can't wait to read my classics with you all. 

We went to Caffe Nero mainly because I was cold but also because there was offering a job. It was also hiring for someone. 

  • So what memories is there from today? Well you had me not recognize Callum, Sophie and Catherine. That's was not good more embarrassing. Tia and I discussing how to make hot chocolate and coffee. Emily was company. Lawrence was a gentleman and walked everyone home. 

Keep calm and drink more hot chocolate!

You think you had enough walking my friends. Nope Tia, Lawrence and I walked to Crowthrone to drop my book off the library and we went the cookie jar. There cakes were so spectacular decorated with flowers and the flowers looked like there were actual flower. I had a cappuccino cake with an hot chocolate. It was very tasty indeed. 

We then went to the park and talked for a while, and also played on the exercise things. 

  • So what memories is there from today? Me getting cold and using Lawrence as a blanket. Tia getting confused with still water and sparkling water. Lawrence going to Lidi I am sure that his favorite shop. 

Day with my Mom!!

It was a rainy day that didn't dampen Mom and our spirits to go to Reading to do some shopping. So after I put my book down and got ready to we set of to go Sandhurst Station got the train then we went to shops that sell walking shoes since I wore mine out. It was then lunch time, we had a sandwhich and I had a cake. 

We went to John Lewis for my Mom's needles while I was looking at books for knitting then my Mom got me the book and some wool and needles. I am going to learn to knit and make a hat. I shall I say I will try to learn and not give up when things aren't perfect. 

We then had a lovely evening with my folks friends. 

  • So what memories is there from today? Everthing is so expensive. 
I thought about the cake I had this week and meeting my friends. What happens if you mix them. Oh of course a poem!

The Cake Of Friendship

Preheat the oven of love
With plenty of secrets and hugs

Mix in giggle and laughs 
That make your sides split in half

Bake with love and care
And all things you both should share

Decorate with the frosting of trust 
This is really a must

Enjoy the cake do not eat it fast
Just like your new friendships make it last. 


  1. Sounds like you had a great fun week with your friends and so many memories that you can hold onto when you commence your assignments.

    I inspire your poem and the way you use the key words you find when reading a recipe of making a cake.

    I hope you can carry on doing the poems. It sounds like you enjoy making them.

    Crazy Rachel

  2. Oh my goodness Rebekah, Rachel was not joking that your blog is amazing. I never knew you had a good talent for writing.

    And the answer for your question 'How many three cent stamps are in dozen? ' Now many people will think it's is four but the actual answer is 12.

    Keep on writing Rebekah.

    Best wishes,

  3. Thanks Cherry. And yes you are certainly right with that brain teaser question. Next time we meet up we should play mind trap.