Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Why are weeds considered ugly plants?
They are but the most beautiful anomaly in this cruel and unfair world.
Despite the lack of water and necessary care,
they still manage to find a way through the tightest and inhospitable of cracks,
chasing the warm kiss of the sun,
and to be showered by the cleansing rain.
But when they do overcome their hardships,
greedily, unrelenting hands reach down,
and strip down them from the earth,
pulling out their roots away.
Then the place that they worked so hard to exist in,
is taken over by some eye-pleasing blossom.
Real beauty is not found in those that are given everything,
but rather in that of striving to simply be,
to overcome obstacles.
and rise above,
no matter the circumstance.
There is something beautiful about that fight and determination,
and nothing profound about a flower that is nourished with constant love and
because they will only grow to be weak and fragile.

Now many of you have been asking me where did I get my  inspiration from. So from now on I will be telling you. So today I had nothing to do so I went outside in my garden to do some weeding next thing it started raining OK time for a cup of tea and wait till the rain stop then start again. Oh! Only it rained again time for a cup of coffee and write a poem. OK I missed a bit there, between cup of tea and coffee and it stopped raining. So back to the garden I went. 

Then my attention was on weeds they are most unpleasing thing in the garden anyone can think off. But why? This question was main focus of the poem. You are forever pulling weeds out of the ground. I do wonder how they pop out of the earth surface. 

Was that the rained suddenly stopped. I think it is time to some more weeding. Off I go!


  1. You surprise me every Wednesday. That poem is absolutely wonderful. Your vocabulary just gets better.

    Thanks for explaining where your inspiration comes from. And I love how you ended the post.

    Your friend crazy Rachel.

  2. I finally found your blog. Thanks to Crazy Rachel for giving me the link. This poem is so spectacular. I never knew you were a poet. And the writing in red about your what inspired you to write a poem about weeds in the first place. Is absolutely amazing, it's like you are talking to us with verbal communication. I hoped your have finished the weeding now. You can always do mine if you want!

    From Cherry.