Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Life is a roll coaster! Read and all will be explained.

Now don't get used to having two post in the same day. I know I said in the other post, I will write something in the evening when I can't sleep. Since today is Wednesday I might as well write something.  Why wait for next week, when I can start now?

Hold on tightly and enjoy the ride. 

Life is a roll coaster ride

Life is a roll coaster ride
Or a game of ticket to ride 
It slows at times, speeds at times 
It scares at time, thrills at times

Life is like a roll coaster 
It's full of ups and downs
Be prepared for the ride
Put on the seat belt!
Hold on tight and enjoy the ride
And close your eyes when it dives!

Oh, did you feel the rush
Of the air when you plunge 
Up you go and down you come
Same as in the journey of life
If there is no down there won't be up
So do not frown, do not sigh
Smile and bravely face the sunshine 

My inspiration was from my own life experiences it goes up and down then I remembered going to Thorpe Park with my friends last year. As you guessed I put together and made a poem.  As you all know that roll coaster goes up and down and so does life. 


  1. Wow Rebekah. You have definitely surprised me with your writing. I absolutely love the poem and indeed life is like a roll coaster. I will be looking forward to more writing Wednesday. Please keep it up during college. Love from Crazy Rachel. Ps I'm missing you dearly.

    1. I'm also surprising myself everyday. Glad you liked this poem it was a last minute poem. Have to wait until next Wednesday Rachel.