Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Journey of life

Have you ever driven down a road?
Just to drive with no destination in mind.
The road seems to go on and on.
With no stopping point.  
Life is like that long road on and on.
Not knowing when it's going to end. 

Crystal stairs "Where will you lead,
Offering steps in our time off need...
A luminous path from here it seems,
a crystal spiral of lucid dreams?"

Unlike crystal memories destined 
never to grow;
You call us toward a future beyond what 
we know.
Like footsteps learned in ones car.
A journey of remembering held so dear. 

Beyond imagination in a forgotten land,
Crystal climbers reach out with a loving
Lifting our hearts like magic it seems 
this staircase of crystal truly is made  of

But strive for another tomorrow.
Hoping in the long run. 
Everything will turn out alright. 
Just like the road. 
It must come to an end. 


  1. WOW Rebekah. Another fantastic writing Wednesday poem. I love how you end the poem with an inspirational verse which gives you hope of the journey of life. I never knew you were a good poet. What inspired you to wrote this poem? Keep going Rebekah, keep growing. I wonder what your next poem will be. From crazy Rachel.

    1. Thanks Rachel. My inspiration was my journey of life where I really don't know where I'm going. But hoping in the end the road will be similar and alright at the end. I have no idea how writing Wednesday will turn out. Same as you I wonder what next Wednesday will bring. Keep coming back though.