Saturday, 18 July 2015

Week with my Grandparents

I don't get to spend time with my grandparents so when I have the chance I like their company. This week was not like last week, not doing adventures instead of Tesco's. No spectacular views to look at. It was more time to catch up with family and read a book with coffee or tea.

Tuesday I had lunch out in the hungry horse the Gloster. It was different not going in the Gloster in the afternoon after my college even though my grandparents did offer me to drop me off at college. I got no work to do, so there wasn't much point even though I do miss college and not having work to do in the evening. We also went to Asda's, to do some food shopping. Yes! We did actually go to Asda we didn't do any detours! Though I would fancy doing a detour instead of food shopping. Who like food shopping these days?

Wednesday. What did we do on Wednesday? Well Wednesday was my first day of doing writing Wednesday. Here is the post if you haven't alrady checked it out We also went to Farnbrough first stop of the afternoon was B&Q. Second stop was Adsa'a to get ice cream. Who can resit ice cream on a sunny day? Third stop was some random shops I can't remember all the shops we went to. But fourth stop was of course Wh Smith and get books. YAY!! I can never ever go WH Smith without buying books. Or go to a book shop without getting books. My book shelf may not like me, as I got no room on my bookshelf. I may need to get another one before I buy any more books.

Thursday we went out for the day, We were suppose to be heading to Bournemouth but since it wasn't a good day for Grandma sister we went to Bognor. I haven't been for ages it was really good to revisit though. We had a picnic in the car with ham and cheese sandwiches. We then had a quick walk at the seafront then went into town then I found a book shop, Oh dear, have a problem. Of course more books. Then we heard strange news that Mc Donadld closed what down. Yep, you heard Mc Donaald closed down. Instead we went to Greegs for coffee. Then more shops, it was only bonmarche and I got a new summer jumper for the evening. 

Friday was time to go back home. 

Summary of this week was spending time with grandparents and relax. I intended not to do much apart from walking and reading and go out for the afternoon. 

I just want to conclude with a poem that I made especially for my grandparents.
It's sometimes hard to put in words,
just what I'd like say.
But always know you're thought of,
in a very strange way.
Though the distance in between us.
keep us miles apart.
There'll always be a special place,
for you within my heart.

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