Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Monthly Musings:October

Autumn is my favourite time of year. With all the lovely colours of the trees from green to these lovely orange and redish colour with a bit of colour. If I took this photo a bit earlier I could enter this photo in the elements competition. I like Autumn not only because of the lovely colour of nature  but that it is socially acceptable to decline to meet up with people as it is to cold and it is more inviting to stay at home with a nice hot coco and read a book.

I was thinking of not blogging until I am more settled in my house. Though it means my lovely friends and family and any other readers that read this blog (which I say hello to) wouldn't know what I have been up to. Unless you ask me, What did you get up to in October? An answer might be something like this, nothing much really had friends over and family this is a rather vague answer and this month been hectic right from the 1st.

Dad posing as the angle of the north

This month been full of seeing old friends and seeing my lovely family. I had my grandparents over for a flying weekend get to see some of Newcastle gems. Unfortunately I won't be telling you them I like Newcastle far too much without the tourists. Though I did get to see the Angel of the North. I had my boyfriend though not together because of the move though we are still very close together.

This is what you get when you have a friend (Hanna) take over the laptop. Mind the quality of this image!!!!

 I had a week back in South at a lovely time catching up with my close friends one of which is called Hanna some odd reason she wants a mention on this blog. Don't know why. As I put a mention on this blog as requested I better also mention Alex on here from my college course. I just can't resist to put this quote from Geoffrey Chaucer “Patience is a conquering virtue.”

Grandma and Seth deciding on what Caravan to have!
Had a lovely time with my mischievous Cousin Seth who is aged three. Had a morning out in playing soft play as the weather was to cold and wet to play in the play park. Does 18 count as child or an adult? Does that mean I am still OK to play in soft play or have a drink of coffee and watch my cousin playing? Hmmmm, I had a Latte and a cookie which we shared between us three. I also decided to play with my cousin in the soft play and had fun counting from 3-2-1 when I say the number 1 my cousin jumps off the step and into the balls pit though if you ask Seth what he did he will tell you "I jumped off and into the swimming pool." Trying to get a three year old to come out of soft play for lunch is bit of a nightmare. So I thought I will make it a game, who can see Mummy the first, it worked until the very end where Seth decided to come down so I made a deal with him, down we go we have to go upstairs and see Mummy then go. Finally it worked without tears.

Auntie Clare and Tired Seth
I had a lovely evening with my Auntie Clare, went to her house and helped my Auntie Clare and Uncle Stuart to get little, tired Seth to bed. Then Auntie Clare and I went to Farnborough to go to the pictures. I don't normally like Thrillers and never watched one I don't get enjoyment when reading so never watched one until this month when I watch Inferno which is about Robert following a trail of clues tied to Dante, the great medieval poet. When Langdon waked up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Sienna a doctor he hopes will recover his memories. Together, they race across Europe and against the clock to stop a madman from unleashing a virus that could wipe out half the world's population.

I had a good morning/afternoon with my friend Hanna which we had a shopping trip to Baskingstoke no books in hand. It had to happen someday.  Though I managed to get two designer clothing without even trying one jumper and one top from charity shops. Why spend a fortune when you might only wear once? When you can get something from charity shop that is designer for less and you doing your bit for charity.

Oh I do like to be by the sea side

My Grandma has a sister who lives in Bournemouth (where the picture above is taken). Which was a lovely afternoon. Granddad and I went out for a walk and left Grandma and her sister talk. When you are by the sea side there is two rules you have to abide to do 1) have fish n chips 2) have ice cream. You have to abide at least one of them. As we already had lunch we abide to number two. I shared my ice cream with Granddad and there is no such thing as too cold to have ice cream.

I had a lovely time with my friends which you can tell as I forget to take a picture. It was weird to pass the house that I lived in for over 10 years that is no longer my home. Though home is where the heart is. I met up with Tia and Lawrence and had a lovely hot coco (sorry for the mess I made Tia) then went out for lunch in local pub that I used to live then had a walk up to Crowthrone for a deserved coffee then it was time to go back to my grandparents.

Quote of the month

Auntie Clare: "Seth where did we go shopping, Seth?
Seth: "Tiddles" (Meaning Lidl)

What I am thankful for this month

  • Having lovely friends 
  • Been to the Dentist with clean dental health 
  • Having a garden though the weather is not right to be siting outside
BOO! Ha, gotcha. I can't believe it's the end of October. I just can't. I'm kind of sad as October is one of my favorite months. I must say though, i'm really looking forward to November, because then it is practically December which means CHRISTMAS, it's the best! Also, is it socially acceptable to start singing Christmas songs yet? PLEASE SAY IT IS!!!!!

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